Waldorf Family Perpetual Calendar – Add-on Set


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Addition set for the Wheel of The Year – combine to create Wooden Perpetual Calendar

This Set is for all parts of the Waldorf Perpetual Calendar except the Wheel of the Year. If you already have the Wheel of the Year this Add-on Set has all the additional parts to turn your Wheel into a Perpetual Calendar. The complete calendar will have a Date wheel, Month Wheel (Wheel of the Year), and Day of the Week.

This set consists of: Date Wheels (x2), Day Wheel (x1),  and assembly parts (self-drilling screw, interscrew, 3 washers, brass back post and instructions for assembly).

The Wheel of the Year is a beautiful Waldorf inspired centrepiece for table or nature corner. It was designed to re-awaken within us our deep connection with nature and the changing seasons. The colours are consciously chosen to resonate with nature’s changes, and flow beautifully from one season to the next. The pencil drawings are homely, comforting and the overall effect is warm, light-filled and soul-nourishing. As the year is depicted in a circular fashion, with one month following into the next, it is also a  clear visual aid for younger members of the family. A wonderful addition to any family home!

made in: UK
made of: birch plywood
size: approx. 29 cm diameter, combined height approx 4 cm excluding brass finish

Product Description

Addition set for the Wheel of The Year – combine to create Wheel of the Year Perpetual Calendar

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Weight 1200 g


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