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Birthdays are milestones on our journey through the year, and they are good reason to celebrate! This complete resource will help you create your own birthday rituals to show the special people in your life how much you love them.

Packed with stories, songs, games, recipes, party invitations, decoration ideas, home made present ideas, and a whole section on parties – why, when, how and who to invite – with game and entertainment ideas for all ages. As a parent, you can confidently organise a party suitable for your child’s age with this book.

Many different ideas are shared, collected from families around the world: a ‘birthday table’ is set with flowers, gifts and candles and the birthday child awakes to find a ‘fairy path’ leading to the table. Or the birthday child awakens to a golden string tied to their bed, following it leads them to hidden gifts and surprises. Other lovely ideas include running around the house, 1 lap for every year! A version of the traditional Waldorf birthday story is shared with lovely ideas on how to share the story such as hand gestures and props for the story.

Also includes great ideas for teenagers, 18th and 21st birthday parties. Exceptional birthdays are also covered – shared birthdays, leap year birthdays, Christmas birthdays, and how to celebrate those who are ill and in bed or in hospital, or whilst away on holiday. Includes a list of Saints Days, Chinese horoscope animals, Zodiac star signs and information on the virtue of gemstones, plants and colours.


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Birthdays are milestones on our journey through life. Here is a complete resource for creating your own birthday rituals to show the special people in your life how much you love them.

The Birthday Book is packed with recipes, stories, songs, games, and ideas for cards, decorations and presents. There are suggestions for ‘oldies’, for teenagers, 18th and 21st parties as well as children’s parties. You will also find unusual celebrations for those celebrating birthdays on holiday, ill in bed, at Christmas or for rainy days.

Ann Druitt trained as an artist. She divides her time between teaching and writing. Christine Fynes-Clinton works as a music teacher and doll-maker and runs workshops on festivals and family life. Marije Rowling is an artist and art teacher.

“A great new addition to the Festivals series, this has wonderful ideas for making birthdays really special. We loved the ideas of birthday crowns and trails of rose petals leading from the child’s bedroom downstairs on birthday morning. And taking a photo each year and writing something in a book to be given on their 18th birthday.” Education Otherwise

“A ‘bookshelf must’ to be dipped into whenever a birthday celebration arises. On a practical level, the advice it contains about organising children’s birthday parties will, I am sure, save many parents’ pre- and post-party headaches.” Sue Webb, Perfect Parties

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