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A classical collection of tales including legendary heroic figures such as Isis, Gilgamesh and Hercules. A treasure trove of stories from ancient myth and legend told by one of Ireland’s greatest storytellers representing the best of traditional storytelling.

suitable for ages 7-10 years
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pages: 352, paperback

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This classic collection of myths and legends includes stories from all the major ancient civilisations, and some lesser known ones: Egypt and Greece, Babylon and Rome, alongside Ireland and Iceland, India and Finland, China and Japan, Mexico, Peru and Polynesia. The tales range from creation stories to heroic epics, and feature Isis, Gilgamesh, Hercules and Pandora, to name but a few.

This edition faithfully preserves Padraic Colum’s original language. His lyrical rhythm and melody represent the very best of traditional storytelling. Includes Padraic Colum’s essay, ‘The Significance of Mythology’.

Table of Contents
The Significance of Mythology

Osiris and Iris
Ra, his Going-Down and Uprising

In the Beginning
The Story of Utnapishtim and of the Deluge that Destroyed all that was on the Earth
Ishtar’s Descent into the World Below

Jemshid the Resplendent

Jewish post-Christian Period:
The Angels and the Creation and Fall of Man
The Confounding of the Angel of Death

In the Beginning

The Children of Mars
Numa the Law-Giver
The Sibyl
Pomona and Vertumnus

Cupid and Psyche

Irish: Midir and Etain
The Death of Conaire Mor, the King of Ireland
The Voyage of Bran to the Land of the Immortals
Welsh: Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed and his Visit to Annwn, the Realm of Faerie
Math, the Son of Mathonwy

Lemminkainen, his Destruction and his Restoration to Life

In the Beginning
The Building of the wall
Loki’s Punishment
The Children of Loki
Ragnarok, the Fate of the Gods

Vedic: The Heavenly Nymph and her Mortal Husband
Epic: The Churning of the Ocean
The Birth of the Ganges
Savitri and the Lord of Death
Damayanti’s Choice
Buddhist: Gotama’s Attainment

In the Beginning
The Weaver Maiden and the Herdsman

The Sun Goddess and the Storm God and the Strife there was Between them vThe First People

In the Beginning
Maui the Fire Bringer
How Maui Strove to Win Immortality for All Creatures
Pele, Hawaii’s Goddess of Volcanic Fire

The Llama-herder and the Virgin of the Sun

Central American and Mexican:
In the Beginning
The Twin Heroes and the lords of Xibalba
Quetzalcoatl’s Enemy
The Gods of the Aztecs
The Aztecs

Paiyatuma and the Maidens of the Corn

Padraic Colum (1881-1972) was born in Longford, Ireland. He was a poet, novelist and collector of folklore, and was one of the leading figures of the Irish Literary Revival.

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2 reviews for Myths of the World

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    ‘The interest of this book lies in its scope and in the engaging way in which the myths are recounted. Suitable for bedtime reading either to yourself or your children.’
    — Scientific and Medical Network Review

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    ‘As a tour of the world’s great civilizations and the myths that give voice to their cultures, Padraic Colum’s stands out as being not only sweeping in scope but beautiful in voice. Colum has selected what I will call ‘keystone myths’ from the ancient cultures that have informed our modern world. This one-volume edition carries within its covers more cultural heartbeats and beautiful vision than any other single book I can think of. Myths of the World is a book to enjoy throughout a lifetime. In Waldorf education, many of these myths are at the heart of 4th and 5th grade curricula.’
    — Bob and Nancy’s Waldorf Bookstore

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