Fagus Escalator Marble Run


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Fagus Escalator Marble Run. Made from solid beech wood, this delightful toy keeps us mesmerised! Turn the handle, and watch the mounted wheels turn round and round and in turn lift and lower the ‘escalator’ – making the marbles go up with stairs and then roll their way back to the bottom. Marbles included, but you can try with wool balls and more and see how it works.

Great fun for all ages, including adults. Produced in Germany from local beech wood. Includes 5 glass marbles, colours will vary. Recommended from 3 years.

Made in: Germany
made from: local beech wood, glass
size:  29 x 7 x 17cm

Product Description

Fagus Escalator Marble Run.  Turn the crank and this will turn the axle with the misaligned mounted wheels. These wheels  move the tappets up and down and in this way the marbles are transported step by step up towards the top of the escalator. Once at the top they roll down the slope to the beginning of the escalator and the process can start again. Comes with five glass marbles. Recommended from 3 years.


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