Denk Ceramic Pizza Stone


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This patented baking dish will help you bake like a professional. The dish has a groove in it which is filled with water. The water evaporates evenly during baking, ensuring a wonderful crust that significantly influences the flavour of the bread. Made in Germany.

Wake up your family to the delicious aroma of home-baked Sunday rolls. It’s really quick and easy, even in your pyjamas or dressing gown. With our patented baking dish, you can bake delicious, crusty Sunday rolls without years of baking experience. How about sweet-smelling currant buns, crusty Sunday rolls, fine poppy-seed rolls or hearty ham rolls?

What makes these baking dishes unique is the water-filled channel. Even evaporation during baking causes a defined layer of moisture to form on the bread itself, creating a wonderful crust. The crust is particularly important when it comes to bread, because it is where the flavour components are, it protects the bread and keeps it fresh.

made in: Germany
made of: ceramic
size: diameter 34 cm

Product Description

What makes the perfect pizza? A nice, crispy edge and base. This Pizza Stone is made from heat-retaining CeraFlam® ceramic, for baking the perfect pizza. The stone is capable of storing enormous amounts of heat and this is essential for making a good pizza.
Pizza ovens are lined with special ceramic tiles to quickly crisp up the pizza base without burning it. Making the perfect crispy pizza base is only possible to a limited extent in your own oven. This Denk Pizza Stone transforms your own oven into a pizza oven.

Additional Information

Weight 5000 g

D 34 cm, H 2 cm, 3,0 kg




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