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Beautiful Waldorf inspired Maths Wheels for number exploration and dexterity of mind and hands. Number wheels are used as a tool to learn and practice the times tables as well as to practice the numbers themselves. Engaging the hands in learning and seeing the distinctive pattern of each number, allows children to engage with the the beauty of maths.

Used in Waldorf, Montessori and other schools, Maths Wheels can be used for all ages. Younger children who might not be ready for multiplication can make patterns, do counting and find even and odd numbers. Just having busy little hands will help to build their fine motor skills and dexterity. Later, when they do start to explore the multiplication tables, their early hands-on experience will support academic learning.

You can use the 1m cord that comes with the product, or yarn and rubber bands. This is an educational tool and should be used with the supervision of an adult.

If you are learning the tables with this tool when passing zero “0” at the top the numbers carry a unit of ten afterwards. So for example the threes: 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30- starting with 3,6,9 then imagine a unit of ten in front of the next round so for 12 you would use the 2 space, 15 would be 5, 18 would be 8 – the same then for the next round except imagine a unit of 20, so 21 uses the space 1, 24 used the space 4 and so on. The pattern usually becomes evident.

Combine with the Colourful Multiplication Wheel for meaningful number exploration and learning.


Designed and manufactured in the UK.

made in: UK
made of: birch plywood, vegan faux suede cord
size: 15 cm diameter, 9 mm thick

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Weight 400 g


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