Auris Pentatonic Xylophone


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Auris Pentatonic Xylophone. A straight framed wooden pentatonic xylophone. The frame is made from birch wood and the keys from European acacia wood. Gentle and mellow sound. Hand crafted in Sweden. Includes mallet. 33 cm. Made in a community for adults with special needs. Read more below.

made in: Sweden
made of: birch wood frame, acacia keys
size: 33 cm

Product Description

A straight framed wooden pentatonic xylophone, with a birch wood frame and European acacia wood keys. Gentle and mellow sound. Hand crafted in Sweden. Includes mallet. 33 cm.

Xylophone is Greek  and comes from the two words; “Xylos” – which means “wood” and “phonos” which means “sound”  and is a word that in everyday language covers a whole family of instruments, having the one thing in common that they have wooden bars that you strike with a mallet when you play.

It has been proven by science that the more you open and activate the senses trough music, the stronger the general capability of learning and understanding of theoretical subjects too. This knowledge is used in various education systems trough out the world, one of the most known is the Rudolf Steiner schools.

The Xylophone group of instruments are especially good to practice the rhythmic element of music. As you train to use both hands a strong liberating influence of the senso-motoric development occurs, and stimulates the independent use of the two brain halves which has a very positive effect on creativity and cognition.

But most importantly, it all begins with the desire for a good musical sound and in this case particularly the desire to play rhythmical tunes.
This xylophone has a clear sonorous sound and good tuning, and the wood and the shape will inspire a joy and playful music making.
This xylophones brings out the melodic side of the rhythm. The tone bars are made from the very full sounding material acacia wood, the best sounding wood that does not grow in tropical forests. Acacia is planted under control by the authorities in European countries, mostly in Hungary. The frame are made from Swedish Birch.

Additional Information

Weight 1000 g

33 cm


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