Auris Pentatonic Glockenspiel – Curved Frame


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Auris Pentatonic Glockenspiel – Curved Frame. Pentatonic 7 tone, beautiful carved shape. Its tone is crystal clear and celestial. The frame is made from European maple and the tone bars from a special brass alloy. Includes 2 mallets. Made in a workshop that employs adults with many varied learning disabilities, who all have a keen interest in music and musical instruments.

made in: Sweden
made of: maple wood
size: 20 cm

Product Description

Pentatonic 7 tone, beautiful carved shape. Its tone is crystal clear and celestial. The frame is made from European maple and the tone bars from a special brass alloy. Includes 2 mallets.

The Pentatonic scale consists of five notes (D,E,G,A,B) and makes any succession of notes harmonious. The very high quality of our musical instruments allows the child to experience music in its fullest meaning. Our range of musical instruments (mostly Pentatonic) are chosen for their very high tonal quality, craftsmanship and suitability as first musical instruments for young children.

These instruments show a true agreement with what the ear hears, the hand feels and eye sees. This stimulates, harmonises and educates the whole human being. Kjell Andersson

A glockenspiel, with keys in solid brass will produce a great, celestial sound. Different mallets each creating a different sound.

A glockenspiel has the most brilliant shimmering tone of the instruments in the orchestra, often used to underline the leading melody in the music.

With this little instrument you can experience the fundament of all modern music.    It opens up the world of harmonies and you can play both major, minor and in disharmonious manners.

A pentatonic glockenspiel can be used in the most various situations. At home, just playing musical games or at bed time. In the kindergarten and early school years it is a wonderful companion both by story telling and dramas to create  a musical background and atmosphere. It plays lead melodies to choir singing and orchestra very well. The ways to use a pentatonic glockenspiel are so many, only your fantasy sets the limit.

The glockenspiel body is made of  European maple wood, a hard, blond well suited material. The tone bars, are made out of a special brass alloy. This material gives the instrument an enormous tone potential that can fill a concert hall with sonorous light.

The curved glockenspiel has a miraculously pure and heavenly bright sound. They were developed to be the ultimate companion to the growing child. The perfect balance between the optic, the touch-sense and the sound of these instruments awakens the interaction between the senses in a very favourable way.  For use in the family, in kindergartens, schools, pre-schools and for music therapy. Due to their fine design and sound these glockenspiels are also an exquisite gift for an adult.

One should be aware though that this type of glockenspiels, due to the strong sound, are NOT to be put in the hands of the smallest children playing on their own. The appropriate age to pass such an instrument to the child to play all by itself would be from 3 years and up. Before this the curved glockenspiels shall be played by the adult FOR the child or TOGETHER with it.

Maintenance of the glockenspiel

Natural surfaces:
The glockenspiel has brass-alloy tones and a maple-wood body. The tone bars are coated with a fine layer of beeswax. The beeswax provides a mild, natural gloss, and it also allows you to restore the bright surface yourself when it loses its shine, due to stains or scratches for example.

The easiest way to restore the surface of the tone bars is to use a conventional metal polish or polishing pads. Applying fresh wax and polishing with a soft cloth may subsequently restore the bars. A well-maintained surface will acquire a fine patina as it ages, and its looks will improve with use.

Scratches in the metal tone bars can be treated with very fine steel wool. You must be careful to rub the wool ALONG the tone bar, not across it. Start the process by applying a light pressure to ensure that the wool you’ve chosen produces a structure similar to the original

Wooden surfaces
The wooden body has a shellac primer and is finished with a hard wax polish. This gives a very soft “woody” feeling, and makes it easy to protect and preserve. If there are no marks or stains on the wooden body and you just want to shine it up a little, rub it with some beeswax or wood polish on a rough cloth, let it dry and give it a final polish with a smooth cloth.

Additional Information

Weight 700 g

20 cm.


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