why natural materials are preferable for children’s playthings & products

why natural materials are preferable for children’s playthings & products

At Myriad we firmly believe toys made from natural materials are the best playthings for children of all ages! Our reasons are listed below, and as you will see, the child and the environment both benefit from natural materials.

      • Sensory – natural materials such as wood, silk, cotton and wool, stimulate the growing child’s senses in a healthy way, contributing to their overall development – synthetics can never do this!
      • Sustainable – natural materials can be sustainably sourced – the wood in our toys comes from managed forests that are replenished, as of course, are the resources of cotton, silk, plant pigments, plant waxes etc.
      • Environmental – natural materials are the only choice! They are healthy for our children and our planet and the people who work with them.
      • Production – natural materials can be loclally harvested and the products manufactured on a small scale. Synthetics demand large factories and a vast array of chemical additives, loading the environment with toxic waste.
      • Biodegradable – though, we trust our beautiful toys will never be discarded.
      • Repairable – wooden and cloth toys are easily repaired if broken. We foster a healthy attitude towards natural resources when we show our children how to care for and repair their beloved toys, rather than through them away. Plastic toys and products for the most part are no longer useful when they break.
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