We offer a unique selection of games and are proud of offering a large selection of co-operative games – these games have simple themes that interest children and offer a healthy attitude towards working together and listening to each other. Ideal for younger children who are not yet ready for competitive games.

Our selection of geometric puzzles encourages the feeling for colours and form, three-dimensional thinking and inner flexibility. Many variations possible. Each of these puzzles offers numerous play possibilities, both outside the frame, and within. For adults and children from 4 years and up.

The larger puzzles have a solid frame and chunky 4cm thick pieces. The larger puzzle’s pieces are also wonderful additions to children’s imaginative play and can be combined with our various blocks.

Our small magnetic puzzles now come in a magnetic box. Ideal for storing or for travel. These puzzles can be used in their boxes or will look great on the fridge door. Lots of fun making new designs each day!!

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