natural play

NAT-PLAY-Myriad06-069Our toys are developed with the intention of encouraging creative and imaginative play. Children’s self-initiated creative play has been shown to be the most effective form of learning in early childhood. Free creative play provides the child with the opportunities for optimal growth on all levels – emotional, intellectual, social and physical.

All our wooden toys are made in Europe and are manufactured from indigenous wood; trees your children can see in British woodland such as beech, alder, maple, ash and pine. All wood used is sustainably sourced.

Our wooden toys are either handmade or hand finished, making each one unique! Most of the toys are finished with a natural oil mix, leaving the child free to experience the real characteristics of the wood!

So, let the children play! As parents and carers, we need to provide an environment where creative and imaginative play can flourish. With this in mind, we have selected the best creative playthings! The core of our range has remained unchanged for over 14 years now, several of them favourite playthings of our own children.

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