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A special selection of birthday rings to follow the child from their first birthday through to their twelfth, together with a selection of decorative items. Our Christmas and Easter ranges are available for the 3 months leading up to the festival, but pages remain online throughout the year.

Natural Home

Beautiful, simple and useful! That is the essence of our new ‘Myriad Natural Living’ range. Here are ‘everyday living’ products for people who value the inherent qualities of natural materials. You will find the natural and tactile qualities beautifully compliment the rest of our range. Made to love and last many a year, their timeless form and function speak for themselves.

Household tools made from natural materials in our ‘In the Kitchen’ and ‘Clean & Tidy’ ranges are satisfying to use. By honouring the valued task of homemaking the experience is enriched.

Make time for yourself and personal care with our ‘Bath & Body’ range. This wonderfully simple range will rebalance equilibrium, making bath time an invigorating and restorative therapy.

Our ‘Natural Leather’ range contains gorgeous bags and cases for all the family. Naturally tanned leather smells wonderful and invokes memories. The natural patina develops over the years with each bag taking on the carrier’s personal story. These bags will become favourites and cherished for many years.

In The Garden you will find the exciting ‘adult’ sized Fire Bowl and items to encourage helpful insects in your garden, and Richard’s ultimate favourite – the Hammock!

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