Kraul – Playing with The Elements


Experimenting, Playing, Observing and Understanding

Kraul specialise in making educational kits that explain to children how things work. We all experience basic phenomenon unconsciously in our day to day lives using gadgets and machines. However, only through experimenting do the basic principles of physics become understandable.

Playing with Kraul toys calls for imagination and skill. Occasionally supervision, encouragement and help from adults is required, however an essential characteristic of Kraul products is that the unfinished toy is only made complete through the play and imagination of the child.

Kraul want to encourage children to “take things into their own hands”, to experiment, learn and have fun. Techniques and machines for making our daily work easier are all around us – but for the most part, the mechanism used is unseen. Kraul kits aim to reveal and explain these principles and encourage children to experiment themselves.

Kraul toys offer an intensive playful interaction with the phenomenon of nature and technology – with the powers of earth, water, air and fire. Enjoyment through playing, observing, experimenting, and experiencing through the senses – this is their priority and the founding principle of their company.

The experimental kits build a bridge between the natural phenomenon and their technological usage. Children, teenagers and adults alike will through play experience the basic phenomenon that we see in all kinds of appartatus and machinery all around us. In the extensively illustrated instruction pamphlets, you will find a multitude of stimulating examples that go beyond the initial experiment.

Many of Kraul’s toys have received the German “Spiel Gut” award (Good Play), and in the Good Toy Guide in the UK awarded the Tumbling Gnomes and Big Cable Car Kit their prestigious Gold Award.

The toys come in kit form with extensive instructions and the range is produced using untreated indigenous wood from sustainable FSC managed forests: beech, pine, spruce, larch, maple, birch, poplar and alder. All kits and games are packed in boxed made from recycled paper, and any glue included is solvent free.

Myriad stocks a wide range of Kraul experimental kits, including best seller Kraul Basket Funicular and Kraul Big Cable Car Kit,  as well as the fabulous Kraul Shadows in the Woods board game. See also Walter Kraul’s  Earth Water Fire and Air book with its plethora of exciting experimental projects.


The History of Kraul Toys

Walter Kraul was a maths and physics teacher at a Steiner Waldorf  School in Germany. In 1966, during a forest walk between father and daughter, the idea of a  basket cable car came into being. The original idea was a birthday gift to her little brother. From then on, more ideas followed. Not too long after this, Kraul were contacted by an anthroposophical toy shop in Munich, and they began producing their toy kits to supply the shop.

In 1976 the company had a clear concept: toys with the elements earth, water, air and fire, for older children. At first it seemed almost impossible to use fire as a power source for toys, but then the ideas came, such as Shadows in the Woods game.

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