Grapat is a Spanish, family run business, creating wonderful toys inspired by the imaginative play of the owners’ daughter. Grapat toys are made using locally sourced, sustainable resources. Their water-based, non-toxic dyes allow the qualities of the wood to shine through, and the finishes are made using vegetable oils and waxes.

Each piece is unique, handmade, hand painted and created in Grapat’s workshop located in the heart of Catalonia. The toys inspire creative, imaginative, open-ended play with the range of people (Nins), bowls, balls and calendars.

The cloth bags that are included with some of the products come from big companies that discard material when they find a small defect. As Grapat make the bags by hand they can remove these defects and giving them a second life. The fabrics vary and do not match the photos of the products.

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