Myriad have been offering a wonderful range of Gluckskafer toys since 2002. Our absolute favourites include the Gluckskafer All in One House, Gluckskafer Cave and Gluckskafer Play Island Kitchen and all the accessories for play and real cooking and baking.

The Gluckskafer range has been developed over many years and their commitment to healthy creative play for children has been the backbone to their range.

Gluckskafer make open-ended toys that allow the child free play that is directed from their imaginations, and that encourage children to discover and learn for themselves.

Gluckskafer produce a range of high quality wooden toys. This range  includes:

Wooden blocks and stacking toys with either natural oil finish or colour dipped finish. Their wooden toys are chunky and tactile and the colour dipped toys are finished in such a way that the grain of the wood shows through and they are just right for stacking and play, as their unvarnished finish means they do not slip and slide when playing.

Children’s gardening tools made from powdercoated steel and beech wood handles.

Play kitchens for role play in homes and kindergartens, and quality kitchen accessories for real life cooking and baking or imaginative play.

Gluckskafer have a strong environmental commitment. They only use selected wood, mainly beech and maple, from European forests certified for sustainable forestry according to FSC / PEFC standards. During production, all wood waste is collected and recycled, and only certified paints, mainly based on water, are used. These are ecological and completely safe for children’s health.

Myriad stock a large range of Gluckskafer products including Gluckskafer Wooden Blocks, Gluckskafer Wooden Stacking Toys, Gluckskafer Gardening Tools and Gluckskafer Play Kitchens.

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