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MUSIC-Myriad06-127Our book selections covers seasonal crafts and activities, family life, education, parenting and children’s books: Classics such as Festivals, Families and Food, All Year Round and The Children’s Year, and new books such as Storytelling with Children to inspire you and enrich family life.

Our children’s books are beautifully illustrated and nourish the child’s sense of delight in natural world and the world of gnomes, fairies and little folk. A selection of Grimm’s Fairytales are also available.

Pentatonic musical instruments use the Pentatonic Scale, which consists of five notes (DEGAB) and makes any succession of notes harmonious. The very high quality of our musical instruments allows the child to experience music in its fullest meaning. Our range of musical instruments (mostly Pentatonic) are chosen for their very high tonal quality, craftsmanship and suitability as first musical instruments for young children

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