baby & toddler

BABY-soft-ball-2Babies and young children are highly sensitive and open to everything in their environment. Therefore it is best to surround them with natural materials. Everything they come into contact with is imprinted into their bodies. The integrity and quality of the materials for young children are of the utmost importance. With this in mind, we have selected our range with great care.

We have a unique selection of baby toys made from all natural materials. Our rattles are finished in such a way that the wood’s natural anti-bacterial defences remain intact, making them a wise and safe choice for babies. Our selection of soft toys includes many organic items.

Our push and pull-along toys will aid the young child in their efforts to practice postural control, balance and motor skills. Our range of wooden toys for toddlers are made with care and are age appropriate, stimulating their senses in a healthy way.

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