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At Myriad Natural Toys & Crafts we specialise in beautiful natural playthings that encourage creative, imaginative and meaningful play. Playthings made in a social and environmentally responsible way. We have the UKs largest range of Steiner Waldorf inspired natural wooden toys, almost all of which have been handcrafted in Europe.

Awaken your child’s creative forces with our unique collection of natural wooden toys Since 1998 Myriad has specialised in Steiner Waldorf inspired playthings. We stock high quality natural wooden toys  – Ostheimer wooden animals, Grimms rainbow stacking toys and puzzles, Gluckskafer play kitchens and Holztiger wooden animals – and natural art materials (Lyra pencils, Stockmar crayons, and Stockmar paints), natural craft materials and kits (organic knitting wool, Waldorf doll making supplies, Filges organic wool craft kits, 100% wool felt) and handcrafted lyres and pentatonic musical instruments.
Our range is complimented by books on natural parenting, natural crafts, seasonal crafts and fairy tales. We also have a unique range of ecological products for a natural ecological lifestyle.

The Myriad range offers a real alternative for families choosing ecological, organic and waldorf inspired natural parenting. Our unique collection of eco toys are made from sustainably sourced wood and organic cotton.

baby & toddler

Babies and young children are highly sensitive and open to everything in their environment. Therefore it is best to surround them with natural materials. Everything they come into contact with is imprinted into their bodies. read more


Our toys are developed with the intention of encouraging creative and imaginative play. Children's self-initiated creative play has been shown to be the most effective form of learning in early childhood. read more


Dolls are one of the most important toys for boys and girls alike. The doll becomes the child's alter ego, helping them deal with new experiences and feelings. A doll offers a first friendship. read more

small gifts

These pages contain a selection of pocket money items designed to fit the smaller budget. Perfect as birthday gifts for friends, small gifts for a special occasion, travel toys, or party bag fillers. read more

arts & crafts

Myriad are specialist suppliers of natural art materials - beeswax crayons, plant dyed colouring pencils, plant dye paints and natural modelling materials. Superb quality products for all ages. Let the creativity flow! read more

music & books

Our children's books are beautifully illustrated and nourish the child's sense of delight in natural world and the world of gnomes, fairies and little folk. A selection of Grimm's Fairytales are also available. read more

celebrations & home

A special selection of birthday rings to follow the child from their first birthday through to their twelfth, together with a selection of decorative items. read more

Our Ethos

Our range is chosen with care: we source from conscientious companies who share our values.
The integrity, purpose and meaningfulness of each item really does matter here at Myriad, and we select products with the following criteria in mind:

encouraging creative play

Our range of playthings is chosen because they are conducive to creative, imaginative and meaningful play. Creative, imaginative play is vital for children’s wellbeing and is the most effective form of learning in early childhood, supporting optimal growth on all levels: emotional, intellectual, social physical, and spiritual.

A good toy sparks a child’s imagination – instead of giving the child set answers. Creative, open-ended toys are adaptable to the free flowing nature of imaginative play.

natural, beautiful & sense nurturing

Natural materials such as wool, wood, cotton and silk, stimulate the growing child’s senses in a healthy way, contributing to their overall development – synthetics can never do this!

The Myriad range of handcrafts and hand finished toys are shaped and coloured to please the eye and nourish the senses. We choose playthings that are beautiful because they enhance a child’s sense of wellbeing and contribute to their aesthetic awareness and appreciation, lifelong.

Natural materials have touch-worthy qualities: silk has its own unique fine floaty texture, wool radiates warmth and is airy. Different types of wood have different grain and textures. Unvarnished wood has a wonderful scent and it satisfying to hold and handle.

genuine quality, durable & safe

Our natural wooden toys and natural fibre soft toys are finely crafted and made to last. Most of our wooden toys are finished with natural oil mixes, colours are water based and non-toxic. All our toys and playthings comply with European safety standards.

We source our products from conscientious companies who share our values. The quality of design, integrity, purpose and meaningfulness of each product really does matter to us at Myriad.

Handcrafted and hand finished toys that are beautiful and a pleasure to touch and hold, will encourage children to look after their things – they sense the care and attention that has gone into the making of the toy and will feel inspired to take good care of it. This is an important value to foster in todays throw-away consumerist society.

environmentally & socially responsible

Most of our range is made in low-impact workshops in Europe, the UK and North America, with some fair trade exception. Our toys are made by skilled crafts people paid a fair wage for their skills, working in clean and safe environments. Myriad also supports several special needs communities in the UK, Germany and Sweden. The work of many of our suppliers stems from Rudolf Steiner’s educational impulse, placing children and their development at the centre of their work – in particular, the wooden Ostheimer figures and sets .

Natural materials are sustainable, good for the environment and the best choice for children! Petroleum based products eg plastic take a huge toll on our environment and there are growing safety concerns. The wood used in our products comes from indigenous European forest plantations, and the by-products are recycled or used for heating. The colours and dyes used are water-based and the finish is natural oil blends or shellac. Our soft toys are natural both inside and out.


We buy from companies who are dedicated to the value of healthy creative play. Many of them work alongside organisations researching children’s play.

Our suppliers spend considerable time researching age appropriate play so that their toys are suitable for a particular age group, supporting children’s play and challenging them in their development without frustration.

We have compiled a simple guideline list of toys for different ages to help you choose what is right for your child at what age.  Read more here.

Child playing with train

I love your shop and your service is amongst the best I’ve ever experienced.– A.E

Child playing on wooden horse
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