myriad advent window stars – please join us!

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myriad advent window stars
create, imagine & play along with myriad this advent!
starts 29 november – first advent sunday

Join us in making a beautiful advent window display throughout the days of advent. Share with our online community and share with your local community! On your walks in your neighbourhood, you may spot another Myriad Advent Window being added to every day during advent.  We hope this act of creativity together and sharing will bring joy to your homes and communities in these current times.

kite paper star myriad

There are different ways you can join in; you will need Kitpas Window Crayons, Tissue Paper, or Kite Paper – or all three! Our ideas are nice and simple so most people of all ages can join in.

Team Myriad have each started prepping our own versions: Snowflakes from Katie, sponged Kitpas Window Stars from Veronica, Kite Paper cut-outs from Bex and folded Kite Paper Waldorf Stars from Lucy.   Which type will you make?? Or even come up with your own variation!


snowflake myriad advent

advent window star myriad

We will start with the first Advent Sunday Star on the 29 November. Each day a new star will appear on our windows, with special bigger stars for each Advent Sunday.  Creatively building a beautiful display for Christmas/Winter Solstice and adding to the magical anticipation of this time of year. You can make your stars in advance and your children could find a new one each morning in December. Katie’s children will find a new snowflake each day and fix to the window as part of their morning routine.  Or you could have the next star magically appear overnight on the window to surprise little ones in the morning!  And even send stars to loved ones far away that they can stick to their windows.

myriad advent window

sponged kitpas crayon advent window stars

Such a simple and beautiful idea for the popular Kitpas Crayons!  Veronica first made star shaped stencils, one larger star for Advent Sundays and one smaller for the other days of the week:

free template download here: myriad advent window star template

Then by wetting the water soluble Kitpas Block Crayons, she has then sponged it over the stencil onto the window.  Each day the stars will build to create an Advent Spiral of stars for the days before Christmas – we can’t wait to see the progress throughout December!

Kitpas window star

advent window

kite paper waldorf advent window stars

Lucy is going to use the Kite Paper folded into 5-pointed stars.  A large one for each Advent Sunday and smaller ones for the other days of the week.  Each morning she plans for the children to find the star with the little Ambrosius gnomes Ilex and Corylus.  They have probably been busy making it overnight!

advent window kite paper waldorf star

how to make a five-pointed waldorf window star

1. Start with a square piece of Kite Paper (We used 8cm square piece for the larger one and 4cm square for the smaller one. You can use any size you like, as long as your proportions are square, ie each side is the same length).  Fold the square diagonally and crease, then open back out.

waldorf 5 pointed star

2. Then make a kite-shape by folding in the opposite corners to the diagonal crease as shown below:

waldorf 5 pointed star

3. Then fold each wing back half-way, lining up along the outside edge and creasing the edges as shown below:

waldorf 5 point start tutorial

4. Turn it over to finish, this will then be the front of the star.  Then make four more.  When you have made five, you can start gluing the star together – use a very thin layer of transparent Paper Glue along one of the short-edges of the kite-shape, on the reverse side. Just wiping a tiny bit of glue along with your finger is enough.  Then carefully line it up against another one making sure the points meet in the middle and the amount of overlap is about what is shown below.  Keep adding each one… until you have a star!

waldorf star tutorial

waldorf five pointed star

5. You can use different colours of kite paper (even a different colour for each point if you fancy!) and make the different sizes by starting with different size squares.  When you are ready to put it on your window then dab a tiny amount of the transparent Paper Glue to the back of each point and press against the glass to finish!  (Any glue marks will wipe away from the window with water when you remove your star).

waldorf five point window star tutorial


We and our Myriad Enthusiasts will be sharing all our windows on social media – on our Instagram @myriadmeetinghouse feed and in our Myriad Meetinghouse Facebook Group.  We will also be adding to our Instagram stories with tutorials for different methods too so please follow us if you want to see more!

We are really looking forward to seeing all your creations!  Join us on social media and remember to use hashtags #myriadnaturaltoys, #myriadmoment and #myriadmakes to share pictures of your window display so we can find you!  We would love to see as many as possible in our wonderful online community! Also let us know if you spot someone else’s Myriad Advent Window Display – we will be keeping our eyes peeled too on any travels we make!

Wishing you all a wonder-filled and magical advent time and we look forward to sharing and creating together with you over the next few weeks! Love from the Myriad Team x

waldorf star

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