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myriad advent gnome garden

To add to the wonder of Advent we have made an Advent Gnome Garden on our window sill, and each morning during Advent something new will magically be in the gnome garden and the children can see if they can spot it, and the little gnomes will be busy doing something different.  An exciting part of Advent and different to an Advent calendar.  The items appearing will follow the Waldorf Advent weeks.  The first week is the Week of the Minerals, so every new little addition will be something mineral based.  The second week is the Week of the Plants, the third week is the Week of the Animals, and the fourth Advent week is the Week of Humankind.  Here below is the journey of our advent gnome garden over the four weeks of advent, and even a surprise on Christmas Day and Epiphany…

how we made the advent gnome garden

making advent gnome garden

advent garden waldorf

To make the Advent Gnome Garden we laid out some newspaper and then put a plastic tray on top (or a lid to a crate), this is so we can water our garden without making the windowsill wet.  You can scale this up or down to suit – you could do a miniature version on a plate, or on a baking tray.  Then after gathering moss, stones and mossy sticks from the garden we then laid the moss onto the tray, and also a log slice.  We also then covered the edge of the tray with the gorgeous Felted Mossy Mat and with rocks and stones.  We also further decorated with crystals, salt lamp and felted Toadstools.  The garden is then ready for the Gnomes Corylus and Ilex to move in on the first day of Advent!


The first Light of Advent
Is the Light of Stones.
The Light that shines in seashells,
Crystals and in bones.

waldorf gnome garden

For the minerals week we added gemstones and crystals, a shell, a Geode (that the gnomes crack open one morning), some golden Brass Bells – all appearing about the advent gnome garden each morning of the first week. For the last day of the mineral week we saved Dig Your Own Mineral Kit – the gnomes can be seen excavating away at below!   The Beeswax Candle, as the ‘Light of the Stones’, first lit on the First Advent Sunday, has stones and crystals around its base.  Each Advent Sunday the next candle will appear, to be lit each day maybe for during breakfast, a mealtime or story time.  (Please do not leave candles unattended).

advent gnome garden minerals


The second Light of Advent
Is the Light of the Plants.
Plants that reach up to the sun,
And in the breezes dance.

advent garden plants

In this second week of Advent the gnomes are finding the greenery growing around them more and more each day and they are finding lovely plants, nuts and flowers arrive in their garden too.

advent plant week picture

They have also welcomed some new friends to join them in the garden, the Rose Hip Fairy and the Hanging Pine Cone Fairy.

advent second week

They are also finding little surprises in the garden to give as gifts to the children in the morning, here they found an Apple Spinning Top and a Toadstool Spinning Top to give, a Grimm’s Flower Birthday Ring Decoration as well as the Hanging Poinsettia Fairy.

advent week of plants

The Advent Gnome Garden keeps on growing!

second week of advent


The Third Light of Advent,
Is the Light of the Beasts,
All await the birth,
From the greatest,
And to the least.

3rd light of advent

In the third week of Advent the gnomes have had the animal kingdom arrive in the garden to celebrate The Light of the Beasts.  The gnomes are getting to know all the wondrous animals and birds that have been arriving each day.  The new friends that have joined them include the Ostheimer Stag, the Birds, Fawn, Badger, Fox, Hedgehog, squirrel, HolzTiger Sheep (maybe waiting for a Shephard?) and even a tiny ladybird (made from Stockmar Modelling Wax).  The garden is really being filled full of life!

myriad advent gnome garden

advent gnome garden

advent gnome garden

advent gnome garden

advent gnome garden


The Fourth Light of Advent,
Is the Light of Humankind,
The light of love, hope and thought,
To give and understand.

advent gnome garden

On the Fourth Advent Sunday humankind have arrived in the Gnome Advent Garden, and the shepherds have been found merrily dancing around the Fourth Light, with the gnomes clapping along joyfully!

advent gnome garden

christmas morning

Then on Christmas Day morning, the children couldn’t believe their eyes, there was an extremely special arrival in the garden…

waldorf nativity

three kings day

We Three Kings of Orient are,
Bearing gifts we traverse afar,
Field and fountain, moor and mountain,
Following yonder star.

On the 6th of January the Three Kings arrived in the Advent Gnome Garden to celebrate with joy the Epiphany and give their precious gifts to the tiny new born King.  So magical!   The Kings are actually the Rose Hip Fairy, the Apple Fairy and Gnome Ilex dressed up using the Foil Origami Paper for their crowns, and capes made from Wool Felt!

We as a family, so enjoyed the journey of the Advent Gnome Garden during the weeks of Advent and for Christmas time, and it brought so much magic and wonder for us all!  Wishing you a wonderful, soul-nourishing Advent whichever way you choose to celebrate during this magical time and wishing you all love, peace and joy during your preparations for Christmas.

Please share on Instagram and tag #myriadnaturaltoys or share on our Facebook group Myriad Meetinghouse any creations you make or advent ideas, whether inspired by our journal posts or your own ideas. We love to see! Love from the Myriad Team x

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