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At Myriad we love Advent – a time of waiting and anticipation…for Christmas to arrive, the crowning festival of the year! We are sharing some of our favourite ideas for a beautiful and meaningful Advent here, and also in our other advent journal that focuses on different creative ways to use the Grimm’s Advent Spiral.

mary’s star path

mary star path advent

Here we have made a really simple, yet stunning Star Path for Mary to travel for the 24 days of advent.  We have made it into the traditional advent spiral shape, but it could be a silken path wandering through your season table.

advent star silk path

We simply cut some stars from our wet-on-wet paintings, different sizes with 4 large stars for each advent Sunday.  We then placed a Sapphire Blue Sarah’s Silk into a spiral and placed the stars along the spiral (working out when the Sundays will be in Advent).  At the end of the spiral we placed a Grimm’s Star Candle Holder with a Beeswax Tapered Candle in a Brass Candle Holder.  The very beautiful Ostheimer Mary is then placed on the first star for the first day of Advent.  Each evening when you light the candle (maybe for during dinner or for during a bedtime story) then Mary can move one star more on her special journey.

advent waldorf silk star path

Another option is each evening when she has moved onto the next star, the star behind her can then be stuck onto a blue painting of the night’s sky so that as we get closer and closer to Christmas, the heavenly sky is filled with more and more stars, a sweet thing for little ones to get involved with.


waldorf advent candle

waldorf advent beeswax candle

Count down the days with a beautiful natural beeswax candle.  Lighting it each evening until it burns to the next marker.  We made this Advent Candle using a Beeswax Dinner Candle and Stockmar Decorating Wax. Each Star represents the four Advent Sundays and the dots each day of the week, following the Waldorf colours of the week.

waldorf advent candle

  1. You just need a Beeswax Dinner Candle and Stockmar Decorating Wax. 2. I cut out a star shape from a piece of paper and used this as a template by placing on the silver wax and cutting around it with a knife. 3. Cut fours stars for each Advent Sunday. 4. Press the Advent stars evenly spaced onto the candle – looking when they are during advent – the first day of Advent is a Sunday this year! So the star is first. 5. Pick out the colours needed for the Waldorf days of the week – purple for Monday, red for Tuesday, yellow for Wednesday, orange for Thursday, green for Friday, and blue for Saturday. 6. I used a pen cap to ‘punch’ out dots for days. 7. Work out the days during Advent with your dots. 8. Evenly place the dots representing the days of the week between the silver stars and you are done – ready to light on the 1st of December!

Myriad Enthusiast Bex @bexandlittlebear made this lovely candle below to mark each day during advent using the Candle Making Kit and also the Stockmar Decorating Wax.

waldorf advent candle


advent spiral

grimms advent spiral

The Grimm’s Advent Spiral is an 8 piece, 24 hole solid natural coloured bass wood spiral. A magical light-filled way to celebrate the approach of Christmas!

We’ve had fun looking at different ways to decorate and theme the advent spiral as there are so many ways to make it personal to your family and it can become a beautiful tradition that can be repeated every advent and added to over the years. You can add a candle or decoration each day in the countdown to Christmas, or move a single candle inwards each day, when you reach the centre Christmas Eve has arrived.

See our journal post Advent Spiral Ideas & Themes for Celebrating a Light-Filled Advent for more detail on the different ways we decorated this beautiful advent spiral.


We will also soon be publishing how to make a Gnome Advent Garden so please keep checking our journal pages for more ideas.

Wishing you a wonderful Advent whichever way you choose to celebrate this meaningful and magical time, and please share any creations you make or advent ideas on our Instagram @myriadnaturaltoys, @myriadmeetinghouse, #myriadnaturaltoys and Facebook Group – Myriad Meetinghouse. We love to see! Love from the Myriad Team x


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