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midsummer crafts

Let’s celebrate Midsummer Day,
The spirits of light all dance and play,
So join your hands and let us sing…
‘The Sun, he is our shining king!’.

J. Aulie

As part of the festivities of Midsummer it’s wonderful to make some seasonal midsummer crafts to celebrate the sun, the long days of daylight, the feeling of fairy magic afoot and the element of fire.  Seasonal activities really help us acknowledge the changing seasons, connect us to nature and feel the rhythm of the year more deeply.

We have put together a selection of some lovely midsummer crafts below as inspiration for activities during this beautiful and light-filled time of year.

midsummer yarn sun craft

midsummer crafts

This stunning Midsummer Yarn Sun made by Veronica looks so wonderful in her window and was quick and simple to make, we have put the full instructions for making this in our previous journal post, click Midsummer Yarn Sun Journal Post to see.

midsummer magic candle

midsummer crafts

This candle display brings some midsummer magic and the flaming glory of the sun as a special Midsummer or St John’s table decoration or for lighting during story time at this time of year.  The special Sticky Wax securing the Beeswax Candle to the bottom of the water bowl makes it look like it is held by fairy magic and defying gravity.  We also cut out some paper flowers from a wet on wet watercolour painting using reds and yellows from the Stockmar range.  These little paper flowers gracefully float on the water all adding to the wonder when seen through a child’s eye.   We placed the bowl on a watercolour painted sun (see Paper Plate Sun Decoration craft further down).  Seasonal coloured Sarah’s Silks are used here to complete the seasonal display with colours of sunshine and fire.

midsummer crafts – solar paper flowers

midsummer crafts

A wonderful activity during around Midsummer time, when the sun is at its highest and days at their longest. Using Solar Paper and collected pretty finds you can make beautiful images with just sunlight and water. We collected flowers and had fun making stunning images to make cards and pictures to decorate our home. This a great activity with children of all ages. We recommend adult supervision when using a glass sheet to hold the flowers down on to the light sensitive paper (included instructions suggest cling film – not only does a sheet of glass, released from picture frame, do the job much better, it is also a plastic free option, so double win!).

midsummer crafts

midsummer crafts – golden spirals

midsummer crafts

Inspired by the Midsummer golden spirals craft featured in ‘The Meadowsweet Year’ Book we thought we would have a go ourselves to make some golden spirals for Midsummer and hang them up in the window to watch gently spin in the breeze.  So sweet and simple and perfect for little children too.  Here is how we made them:

1.  We drew a spiral template onto a piece of paper – the thinner and more spirals the longer the spiral will be when it hangs (and visa versa – the wider the shorter).

2. We then used a piece of golden Foil Origami Paper and placed it under the template, then drew over the spiral with a pencil – this scored the spiral onto the foil.

3. Then we cut out the spiral following the scored line using scissors.

4. Once cut out, lift the spiral from the centre and watch it spiral up!

5. You can attach thread to the end or just hook on a piece of willow near a window so the breeze can help it to gently spin!

midsummer crafts
midsummer crafts
summer bee craft

midsummer crafts

This is so sweet and easy for little children too.  You need a small alder cone, some Yellow Wool about 20cm long and a small rectangle of white Tissue Paper (about 4cm x 1 cm). Optional thread to hang.

1. Cut out some wings from the white tissue paper – a curved rectangle shape works.

2. Place the wings on top of the cone, wrap the yellow wool around the cone trapping the wings and giving it its ‘stripes’ and then either leave a length of the wool at the end for the bee to dangle from, or tie some thread around the bee.

3. You can then tie this thread above your season table for the bees to hang sweetly above some flowers or tie to a stick for children to buzzzzz around with!

midsummer crafts

midsummer crafts – flower crown
midsummer craft

A sweet way to make a Midsummer Flower Crown using the Knitting Fork.  Simply knit a length of cord using wool or string on the knitting fork which is so simple even for young children to do, make sure the cord made is long enough to go around the head and then tie off.  Collect some beautiful Midsummer flowers and then weave them into the cord before adorning upon your head!

midsummer crafts
midsummer magic opening waterlilies

midsummer crafts

The paper waterlilies will float gracefully on a pond or a bowl of water, gradually unfolding their petals before your eyes! So magical!
We found this summer craft, including templates in the book ‘All Year Round‘ – one of our very best all season craft and festival books.

1. To make you first make a lily pad by cutting one out of some Green Card (or we painted some gold card green on one side).

2. You then cut a hole in the middle of the lily pad (as shown in the below gold upside down lily pad).

3. Using white paper draw and colour with Wax Crayons a flower with 6 petals.  Fold in turn each flower petal into the centre to form a hexagon shape – as shown below.

4. Stick with Paper Glue the flower hexagon onto the lily pad covering the hole.

5. Place the magical waterlily on some water and watch as the petals gradually unfold!

midsummer crafts


midsummer crafts – paper plate sun decoration

midsummer crafts

This very simple craft makes a lovely Midsummer decoration, We used a paper plate (as it helps it is already a circle) and painted it with Stockmar Watercolours using just the red and the yellow and letting the colours beautifully merge on the plate by having the plate wet first (wet on wet watercolour painting method).  We then cut the sun rays out around the edge.  We then added the Midsummer poem to it and used it as part of our season table display with the Ambrosius Sunshine Child.  We made another similar one and put it under the Midsummer Magic Candle bowl for lighting during story time.  You could also hang the sun up if you punched a hole in it and attached thread – so easy and beautiful in its flaming colours!

midsummer crafts



If you have a go at any Midsummer crafts please contact us or share your images with us on social media – we would love to see! Please keep in touch through Facebook, Instagram and our Myriad Meetinghouses – on Facebook go to our page and then select Groups and ask to join, on Instagram: @myriadmeetinghhouse

We would love to see all your ideas for home activities with children – please tag us! #myriadnaturaltoys #myriadmoment #myriadmakes #myriadmail

With our journal posts and social media posts on festivals of the year, Myriad wishes to share ideas that can inspire families and other groups to add richness to their lives. We are inspired by communities that share the Anthroposophical impulse, such as Waldorf education. The festivals we partake in and share ideas about may contain elements from different spiritual streams that interweave to give us spiritual nourishment today. Myriad do not wish to suggest any particular stream is better or more important than any other, or exclude, or relegate. We want to share festival traditions that we believe will support, encourage and reinforce our connection to nature and to something much greater than ourselves. We believe the terrain is the same for all of us, we just use different ‘maps’. As Rudolf Steiner said “Love is higher than opinion”. We hope that the ‘universal truths’ that radiate through many traditions can be recognised, thereby enriching us culturally and spiritually.

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