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Once again thou flames heavenward,
Once again we see thee rise,
Every morning is thy birthday,
Gladdening human hearts and eyes.

Every morning here we greet it,
Bowing lowly down before thee,
Thee the Godlike, Thee the changeless,
In thine ever-changing skies.

‘Hymn to the Sun from Akbar’s Dream’
by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Towards the end of June we look forward to celebrating Midsummer, the Summer Solstice (21st June) , and the Feast Day of St John the Baptist (24th June).  A time of festivities to celebrate the sun and all it symbolises for us and celebrate the purifying element of fire.

This stunning yet very simple Midsummer Yarn Sun Craft is a great seasonal craft during this time of year and for hanging up above the season table, in a sunlit window or as a seasonal wall decoration. Please see instructions below:

Midsummer Yarn Sun Craft Instructions

You will need:

1 x Wooden Hoop,

2 x Fiery coloured yarn – we have used organic, plant-dyed Filges Organic Weaving & Knitting Wool Set 2

midsummer craft

1. First tie the end of the end of the two yarns together to the hoop leaving a tail of about 20cm.

midsummer yarn sun craft

Pull the two strands of yarn over to the opposite side of the hoop, pull it over the rim of the hoop and back across under to reach the opposite side about 2.5cm/1 inch to the right of your starting knot.

Bring it over and across again but this time going abut 2.5cm to the left of where you last went around the rim of the hoop at the bottom.  Repeat going over the hoop edge and back under and across 2.5cm to the right of where you last went around at the top of the hoop, then over and across reaching 2.5cm to the left at the bottom as shown below…

Midsummer yarn sun craft

Keep going around the hoop repeating in the above fashion (to the left at the bottom and to the right at the top), keeping the tension of the yarns quite tight…the beautiful sun star pattern starts to emerge.

Midsummer yarn sun craft

When you reach all the way around you can tie off your yarns at the same place as the starting knot. You can at this stage, if you like,  repostition some of the yarns to even out spacing around the hoop.

Midsummer yarn sun craft

To create some beautiful sun rays going out from the edge of the hoop tie some short pieces of yarn as shown below.  Take a piece of yarn about 10-15cm long, fold it in half to create an open loop.

Midsummer yarn sun craft

Put the middle of the loop under and around the inside edge of the hoop, then put the two ends around the outside of the hoop and through the loop of yarn.  Pull the ends tight securing it to the hoop.

Midsummer yarn sun craft

Continue all around the edge tying the ‘sun rays’ in between each of the sun star yarn points – you can alternate the colours as shown below.

Midsummer yarn sun craft

Then you are finished and ready to hang the beautiful Midsummer Yarn Sun up to celebrate its flaming glory! So beautiful!


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With our journal posts and social media posts on festivals of the year, Myriad wishes to share ideas that can inspire families and other groups to add richness to their lives. We are inspired by communities that share the Anthroposophical impulse, such as Waldorf education. The festivals we partake in and share ideas about may contain elements from different spiritual streams that interweave to give us spiritual nourishment today. Myriad do not wish to suggest any particular stream is better or more important than any other, or exclude, or relegate. We want to share festival traditions that we believe will support, encourage and reinforce our connection to nature and to something much greater than ourselves. We believe the terrain is the same for all of us, we just use different ‘maps’. As Rudolf Steiner said “Love is higher than opinion”. We hope that the ‘universal truths’ that radiate through many traditions can be recognised, thereby enriching us culturally and spiritually.


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