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playing with gravity

Running, running,
Chasing, falling,
Laughing, crying,
Loving, playing”

For Father’s Day this year, consider an exciting experimental kit and spend quality time together making your own fun and playing together – we are never to old for play!

For some great Father’s Day fun, we chose the Kraul Big Cable Car Kit, seeing how far we could make it travel and chasing it down the hill! Without even realising it, the children were exploring all the different factors making it go fast or slow, an early introduction to gravity and weight.  Adding more and more heavy things to the gondola, resulted in increased speed. Children learn concepts easiest through direct experience, and Kraul are specialists in this kind of learning – learning through experience, exploration, experimentation and play! Dad’s enjoy the hands on experience too, it’s hard to know who is having more fun.

exploring making kraul cable car

All of the inspiring Kraul product range gives so much, the fun starts with putting together the product, a great activity in itself before even the playing begins, it also encourages you to then experiment with where and how you play with it once it is made.

kraul cable car playing with gravity

The Kraul Big Cable Car Kit is modelled on a real-life mountain funicular, this fantastic cable car will travel across the room, or from tree to tree at a gentle pace or go full speed down into the valley! Hours of fun exploring gravity indoors or out. Assembly from 10 years, play from 5 years. Comes with 2 x 20m of string. The Big Cable Car Kit consists of a gondola that you and your child/children put together.  A cable string is supplied that will need to be fixed to 2 points. You decide where!

Fixing: The cable (string) is tied to 2 points; one at each fixed stationary point so that there is a slope between them.
Operation: The pulling string is attached to the gondola and then to the higher of the 2 points of the cable string. Pulling the pulling string will cause the gondola to ride up to the highest point. Letting go of the pulling string will cause the gondola to travel down to the lowest point. The gradient of incline of the cable will decide the speed at which the cable car travels! This is the educational and fun aspect of this kit. Children will learn from experimenting. How fast can they make the cable car go?

There are also more products in the range that enable you to add a winch & station, and shuttle service . The Cable Car comes in a Mini version too, and as the Basket Funicular. There is also a great low cost Cable Runner. See all our great kits from Kraul here.


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