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whitsun daisy fairies

The festival of whitsun is often celebrated in waldorf schools by wearing white, making doves or daisy chains and coming together to sing, play games or tell stories in different languages as a symbol of peace and unity.  It is also a celebration of all the different cultures within a diverse community, and spreading love and a spirit of understanding into the world.  We made a beautiful whitsun season table display, with the help of little hands, to celebrate and mark the occasion.

“In the Whitsun garden,
White the flowers grow,
Earth is listening,
Glistening, listening,
Warming breezes blow.”
N. Foster

whitsun season table craft idea – dove mobile

whitsun dove mobile

We made this beautiful spiralling whitsun mobile of 12 doves out of just some white wool felt, some thread and a wooden mobile hoop from myriad’s craft supplies.
  1. We cut the following template out of card and then drew around it on the white felt.
  2. The wings were pushed through a slit cut on the side of the dove.
  3. The hoop was tied with 3 threads which were then knotted together with a loop and hung on a hook.
  4. The 3 threads were spread evenly around the hoop so that it hung horizontally.
  5. Thread was sewn on to the top of each doves’ back (getting the balancing position right so they won’t tip forwards or backwards).
  6. Each dove is tied on to the hoop, starting with a short length of thread and then each one a bit longer around the hoop.
  7. The wings can just be folded backwards or have an optional single stitch/dab of glue to hold together at the top.
  8. Then it was all ready to hang above the seasonal whitsun display! Beautiful!



whitsun season table figures

whitsun seasonal figures ostheimer dove

These sweet figures are perfect for a whitsun season table.  Shown here is the ostheimer dove which has a hole in it’s beak ideal for a daisy!  Also the irresistible and super cute wool felt daisy fairies are holding hands inside a daisy chain made from the garden, all arranged on a beautiful white sarah’s silk’s playsilk.

whitsun mandala play




If you have a go at any Whitsun crafts or a season table display, please feel free to contact us or share your images with us on social media – we would love to see! Please keep in touch through Facebook, Instagram and our Myriad Meetinghouses – on Facebook go to our page and then select Groups and ask to join, on Instagram: @myriadmeetinghhouse

We would love to see all your ideas for home activities with children – please tag us! #myriadnaturaltoys #myriadmoment #myriadmakes #myriadmail


whitsun ideas daisy flower fairy ostheimer dove and sarah's silks white playsilk

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