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Flowers in Clay Craft Activity

We wanted to preserve the lovely May flowers we picked by impressing some air drying clay and then painting it to make a pretty plaque for our season table display. This is a lovely craft activity for all ages – our very youngest can make one with assistance and gentle guidance.

If you have a go, please feel free to contact us and share your images – you can email Veronica directly (email address at the bottom of this Journal Post) and we will add your images here, to inspire others.


To make your Flowers in Clay plaque you will need:

Fresh flowers and/or leaves

A pack of our White Modelling Clay – our plaque below used 1/2 a packet

A rolling pin that is as wide as your chosen plaque size

Watercolour paints – we used our Stockmar Opaque Paint Tin and paint brush

Take a lovely walk around the garden or local area for nature treasures that you would like to use for this clay plaque. We choose garden bluebells, chickweed and selfheal and dandelion. Choosing quite robust plants worked better and created more of an impression on the clay, do experiment to find what works best for you.

First we rolled out 1/2 a packet of our White Modelling Clay  on our Painting Board  – we liked our irregular oval shape.  You could also cut and trim any way you like. Our plaque was approx 19 x 15 cm in size.

Then we laid out our flowers in our chosen arrangement.

Using a rolling pin, we placed this at the base of our plaque and rolled steadily and evenly up to the top – pressing quite firmly to ensure flowers made an impression in the clay. Our first effort didn’t work so well, we rolled the clay back up in a ball and started over again – this a fine, just make sure your clay surface is evenly flat and smooth before laying out flowers and leaves again. See how the dandelion left a yellow colour mark! We decided that would be a sun when painted, as it looked so sun-like and was already a lovely yellow colour.

We let our plaque dry completely before painting – this took more than 24 hours.

When the plaque was completely dry, front and back,  we painted with Stockmar Opaque colours.

First we painted some beautiful blue May sky, then the green leaves and stalks, the golden yellow sun and the colourful flowers.

The dandelion impression was just right for a glowing sun, and the golden yellow Stockmar colour was just perfect.

After half an hour of drying, our new Flowers & Clay plaque was dry and ready for display – our little flowers fairies and beeswax snails love it! Snails made with colour blended Stockmar Modelling Beeswax and snail shell nature finds.

Flowers in Clay craft plaque with Flower Fairies

Brought to you by Veronica at Myriad. She hopes to inspire you to create and enjoy making things. By crafting with nature finds and natural materials, we pay attention to the beauty of nature, and learn to appreciate natural resources.  It is satisfying and enriching to make beautiful things with our hands and our homes will become wonderful unique living spaces when we adorn our mantelpieces and walls with homemade art & craft treasures – this a powerful act that balances our consumer society and shows our children that they too can create to fill their lives with beauty.

You can contact Veronica directly or follow her instagram account @veronica_myriad


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