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With hand washing being so important right now, we thought it would be fun to make Felted Hand Washing Soap Balls to help encourage our youngest members of the family to enjoy washing their hands longer than a quick splash.

We have also included and filmed us singing the Hand Washing Song we learnt in kindergarten which makes sure that all the parts of the hands are washed as per the current guidelines, but in a fun way that children can remember and sing along too – resulting in a very thorough 45 second hand wash and lovely clean hands!

Please see below for how we made the Felted Soap Balls and for our Hand Washing Song.

making felted hand washing soap balls

hand washing soap ball

To make the felted Soap Balls you need some carded sheep’s fleece or felting wool, such as Filges Organic Felting Wool White, and then you can use some coloured wool; Filges Organic Felting Wool Rainbow Mix or Merino Wool shown here to decorate the outside.  You also need some soap for inside – we used pure olive soap, and you need a bowl of warm soapy water.

wet felting

  1. First cut the soap into smaller pieces, it can be a bit easier if you make them a bit rounded, but we just used as the chunks above
  2. Lay out some of the felting wool, pulling it into a flattish layer and place your soap piece onto it.

wet felting

3. Tightly wrap around the soap with the felting wool, we needed to help the little ones a bit here to make sure that the wool wasn’t too loose around the soap, carry on adding layers and wrapping the fleece around until you get a compact fluffy ball as shown.

waldorf wet felting craft

4. Next you can add some pattern or colour with either Merino Wool or some coloured Felting Wool.  It helps to fluff the coloured wool out and separate it a bit with your fingers before laying it around the ball.  You can do lots of colours but we just chose a springtime yellow.

5. Now the fun really begins!  Soak your fluffy coloured wool ball in the bowl of warm soapy water, squidging it and turning it to make sure its thoroughly soaked and the soap inside gets wet.

wet felted soap balls

6. You then wet felt the Soap Ball by rolling it in your hands, round and round, the soap inside making it all soapy helps the process and you start to feel the wool felting together and becoming a tighter smaller ball.

wet felting

7.  It helps to dunk it back in the warm water now and again in between rubbing it around and around in your hands.  It takes a little while but it can go quickly if you sing songs while you are felting, swap and take turns with each others or even play a game while you sing.  One game is where you stand in a circle and pass your soap ball to the person on your right to roll in their hands until the next line of the song, carrying on until your ball comes back to you.  For example, “This is the way we felt the wool, felt the wool, felt the wool [pass ball along one],  This is the way we felt the wool on a springtime afternoon [pass along one and repeat song] etc…

handwashing soap ball

8.  Carry on until you feel the ball has felted together strongly, it feels tight and compact and the coloured layer has meshed in.

wet felted hand wash balls

9. Here are our finished results. As another option, you can even then needle felt a picture or decoration on the top, as shown above.

washing hands

10. They are then ready to be used for washing your hands!  Keep them by your sink, and just wet them under the tap and rub and squash the ball in your hands to work the soap out – a fun way to get little ones enthusiastic about hand washing!

hand washing song

This is the hand washing song that we sang in kindergarten just before the school’s closed, to help the little children learn and remember to wash all the parts of their hands and make it fun too, we’ve carried on singing it at home, please click on the link below to see a video clip of us singing it whilst using our felted Soap Balls (words below so you can learn and sing-a-long too for fun hand washing times!).

Click here to see Hand Washing Song

Round and round the garden, (round and round the garden),
Running through the trees, (running through the trees),
Up and down the hilltops, (up and down the hilltops),
And round the roots of the trees, (round the roots of the trees),
Underneath the hedges, (underneath the hedges),
And polish your boots now please, (polish your boots now please).
And under the waterfall…….

wet felted soap balls

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