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Window Art to cheer us all up! As we were all dealing with covid19 lockdown and social distancing, someone came up with a lovely idea to cheer children up on their daily walks – a RAINBOW in the window! From there on, Myriad customers have been using Kite Paper and Window Crayons to brighten their windows – but not just with rainbows but a parade of flowers, stars, dragonflies, butterflies and more.

You have all been loving the window art so much, that there has been Kite Paper and Window Crayons in almost every other order for the last couple of weeks.  So here is a colourful collection of amazing Window Art from our customers.

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kitpas window crayons – rainbows & window art

Kitpas Window Crayons come in four different packs: block window crayons and stick crayons in 6, 12 or 16 colours.

An Easter window decoration with Kitpas Window Crayons and Kite Paper Rabbits – can you count all four in the family???

A young artist at work bringing cheer to those inside the house and those walking by!

A simple heart that speak volumes.

More Window Rainbows on the go…

And a window cat!

This little creative artist enjoys his Window Crayons so much he keeps them by his bedside at night.

And here he got creative with Modelling Plasticine – first time we have seen this modelling medium stuck to windows – we like it!

A window rainbow to brighten the neighbourhood!

A stunning window mandala made by one of our customers using window crayons. Love the hearts on the outer edges!

kite paper window decorations

Purple and pink butterflies and a cerise lily glow jewel-like on the window.


A creative use of kits paper and tracing paper – rows of spring flowers to cheer us all up!

Kite Paper Tulips for Easter – so bright and cheery on our dining room window! This is the room I sit in to do crafting, mending and painting. I used Deluxe Kite Paper to make these three and four pointed tulips. The instructions I found in the Paper Folding With Children book, which has fun folding projects such as origami leaping frogs and much more.

Lovely Window Hearts made by one of our customers, Karen. Big hearts and little baby hearts. These are so cheerful during the day, and at night, they glow with indoor lighting outwards, towards the world beyond….

A great big butterfly and rainbow coloured star. How cheerful!

A bright dragonfly and multi coloured lily

Several rainbow coloured stars to make those walking by smile!

And a mosaic rainbow made from Kite Paper made by Katie!

A beautiful star with hold in the middle made by one of our long standing customers, thank you Ellen!

Stunning tulip by one of our lovely customers made using Rainbow Transparent Paper. The shifting colours of this paper are so beautiful and used to wonderful effect here. Thank you Karen for sharing : )

To fix the Kite Paper creations to the window: You can either use small pieces of mounting putty or small amounts of glue stick. Both will come away from the window easily, if you use glue you will have to clean the window and removal may damage your kite paper artwork. If you use mounting putty, you will see the dots through the paper. You can experiment and place the dots to enhance your design. Glueing gives the neatest finish, but it means you can’t move your creations without damaging them.

Send us your Window Art made from Kite Paper and. Window Crayons for a chance to be featured. You can see more ideas for crafts, art and play in our Myriad Meetinghouse on Facebook. Visit our Facebook page, then go to GROUPS and request to join.

See you there, Veronica



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