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waldorf easter craft
A lovely craft activity for young children at Easter

As the season turns, life springs up all around us, the Lenten period bridging the cold winter days with the unleashing of new life, the abundance of nature, of new birth and resurrection.

Simple nourishing storytelling, natural materials and some added magic can deepen the child’s experiences in the world surrounding them, enriching their soul and senses… and so from a simple verse and through the willing of the child, a busy little caterpillar comes to be…

O’ busy little caterpillar, who wiggles here and there, munching leaves in the fair spring air.
What happens when you go to sleep? Snug in your silken cocoon without a peep?
You rest, and sleep and transform each day, you transform in such a beautiful way.
Just like the Spring and new life it brings, O’ busy little caterpillar you get your wings.
It’s time to Fly away. Proud and true, O’ Beautiful graceful butterfly into the sky so blue.

You will need – some Stockmar Modelling Beeswax, Pipe Cleaners, Rainbow Mix Merino Wool, Thread and a Playsilk.

stockmar modelling wax

First, make your little caterpillars – one for each child in the family!

Modelling beeswax is firm when cold – take the slab of wax, and ask your child to hold it between both hands. Tell a story or read our verse and wait for the wax to warm. Once warm, the wax is pliable and easy to form.

stockmar modelling wax

beeswax caterpillar

On the eve before Easter Sunday, the caterpillars are carefully laid in their cave in Garden of Transformation and a Playsilk is draped over them as they sleep until the morning.

easter craft

easter garden hiding

Then comes the magic…

  1. Take half a pipe cleaner and colour if you like with a wax crayon. Fold it in half.
  2. Pull long lengths of merino wool, laying colours on top of one another.
  3. Carefully turn over and fold the two ends of the layered wool into the middle so they overlap.
  4. Slide the folded pipe cleaner over the middle of the wool, being sure to gather the wool, give a little twist to the top of the pipe cleaner to close and form a head and antenna from the two separate ends. Add cotton for hanging.
  5. Remove the caterpillars to a safe, hidden place and hang the butterflies instead, cover back with the silk and allow for discovery in the morning!

easter transformation craft

merino wool butterfly

So magical to find the little caterpillars have transformed overnight into these beautiful butterflies!

Click link below to download pdf with instructions for this lovely Easter tradition full of wonder and awe.

Myriad Caterpillar and Butterfly Tutorial

This Easter project was a collaboration between Myriad and @treasure.the.child

Please keep an eye on our social media pages on Instagram and Facebook and our closed groups, Myriad Meetinghouse, for more crafts and activities to do at home, and if you have been inspired by any of our ideas please do tag @myriadnaturaltoys and share with us – we love to see your creations!

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