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Sweet little boxes with a delightful SURPRISE!

This lovely craft was inspired from an idea in the ‘Paper Folding With Children‘ book. It’s a very sweet way to make use of a child’s beautiful wet-on-wet painting. We will show you how to cut and fold a watercolour painting and some origami paper into a surprise ‘spring’ gift to give on Mother’s Day. These little surprise boxes are guaranteed to spread smiles of joy! You can, of course, make them for any occasion.

We have used Origami Folding Paper Small from our craft range, Stockmar Watercolours and Aquarelle Paper.

here’s how to make the little box

Follow along with the written instructions below using the photographs above to guide, step by step.

We used a child’s wet-on wet painting and also the origami paper.

Cut out the painting into 2 squares the same size – 15cm x 15cm was our large one, we also used the 13 x 13cm Small Origami Paper, and did a small 10 x 10cm one.

With the painting side on the table fold it in half both ways then open out to make a folded cross.

Then fold each corner into the centre, creasing the edges, then open out.

Fold each side into the centre, unfold and then top and bottom into the centre and open out.

Fold a corner into the centre and then fold it again in half meeting the centre, do for each corner.

With 2 opposite corners meeting in the middle, lift each side up along the crease lines. This makes two sides of the lid.

Making sure the sides fold inwards as you go, then lift one of the 2 remaining corners in, over the raised sides and along the bottom of the lid until it tucks in neatly to the centre point. Then repeat for the other side.

This completes the lid.

To make the bottom of the box, get your matching sized square and cut off 1cm from each edge. Then repeat the above instructions.

When complete it should fit snugly inside the lid!

here’s how to make the little springs

First cut out some shapes to go on the tops of the springs

Decorate them as you want.

Then to make the spring you need two strips of paper the same length and width about 1cm wide to start with.

Make a right angle with the strips and glue their overlapping bases together.

Fold the strips snugly over the other, alternating until you reach the ends.

For fun and variety and to add differing heights, cut pairs of different widths and lengths.

When you have finished the spring, glue your decoration on the top.

To finish glue the bottom of the spring into the base of the box and put the lid on.

When you open the lid the flowers and decorations will spring out!

What a lovely surprise!!

We used Origami Folding Paper Small, Aquarelle Paper and Stockmar Watercolour Set to make these lovely little boxes!

Paper Folding With Children

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