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halloween silk
This time of transition from autumn to winter has many ancient traditions and festivals, the most well known at the end of October and beginning of November being Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls’ Day each with their own traditions and fun, but with similarities too; a time when the veil between this world and the next is maybe thinner and magical things can happen, a time for sharing, remembering and bringing light into our homes for the darker evenings.  We wanted to celebrate in a gentle way suitable for children of all ages and bring the magic of this time of year alive for the little ones.
“Once you were a yellow pumpkin,
Sitting on the sturdy vine, 
Now you are my Jack O Lantern,
And in the night, you will shine.”
#plasticfree green halloween dressing up

halloween dressing up

We have a beautiful and wonderful range of lots of different dressing up outfits and accessories all made from natural materials like silk, wool felt and cotton muslin.  These materials are so special for all their properties of being tactile, magical in the light, being kind to the skin and being naturally non-flammable.  There are lots of creative ways to play and dress up with them too and they leave lots of room for imagination in magical and natural themes, perfect for some gentle halloween dressing up fun.

Above we have a crafty fox, created from the 100% organic wool, hand felted Finlay Fox Dress Up Set with ears and even a clip on tail, and also a couple of the muslin cloths as a cape from the Autumn Muslin Cloth Set.

A twit twoo-ingly beautiful Barny Owl Mask and Wings made from 100% organic hand felted wool.

A little pumpkin fairy wearing the stunning Sarah’s Silks Yellow/Orange Butterfly Wings and Sarah’s Silks Yellow Rainbow Fairy Skirt .  Also next to her is the little pumpkin wizard wearing an orange sarah’s silks playsilk and brown muslin from the Autumn Muslin Cloth Set.

In the top right picture a Sapphire Sarah’s Silk Playsilk is being worn by a little wizard as a cape and he is also holding a Wooden Star Wand.

Wonderful ideas for a green Hallowe’en. By tying two silks together at the corners you can create a tunic – drape over head, and use a third silk as a belt – and another silk as a cape – Get creative with your playsilks! The wonderful thing about dressing up with playsilks is that once Hallowe’en is over, the playsilks will return to their everyday job as open ended play specialists!

halloween silk dressing up

Peter Pan
2 Earth Silks Forest tied together as tunic, 1 Brown Playsilk as Sheath holder, 1 Scarlet Playsilk as belt/sash.

Magical Unicorn
1 Lilac Playsilk tied as skirt, 2 Rainbow Silks tied together as base layer – over all that 2 White Playsilks as toga, and Unicorn Headband.

Ice Queen
2 Turquoise Playsilks tied together as long dress, 1 White Playsilk as snowy cape.

Super Hero
2 Scarlet Playsilks tied together to make tunic, Sapphire Playsilk as belt, and Gold Playsilk as cape.

Natural Earth Face Paints
These Natural Earth Face Paints are great natural face and body paints that are gentle on skin and environment!  Our face paint is made in the US and is an opaque, high quality natural face paint. Not only are our paints safe, but you will nourish your skin with healthy skin conditioners such as organic, fair-trade shea butter and organic castor seed oil.  The Face Paint is certifed non-toxic, and it is free of nano particles, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, petroleum-based dyes, and animal products.

halloween celebration fun and games

halloween fun and games

We’d had bumper harvest of pumpkins and pretty speckled squash in the pumpkin patch this year and also an abundance of apples on the tree so we enjoyed some simple harvest themed fun and games for the children to enjoy, we did pumpkin decorating and carving, apple bobbing, apple juicing, making up spells, and also a ‘trick or treat’ treasure hunt where we hid little squash, apples, soul cakes and treats around the garden for them to find – there were far more treats for these magical beings than tricks!

‘trick or treat?’ harvest baskets

apple basket

These classic handwoven baskets were perfect for our harvest and ‘trick or treats’ treasure hunt! They would also be sweet for carrying to collect more traditional ‘trick or treat’ bounty.  Shown here is the Petite Bolga Basket and the sweet Apple Basket with lid.

halloween table display

halloween pumpkin table display

All the carved pumpkins and pretty speckled squash made a really special autumnal hallowe’en table display for when we came back inside for our hallowe’en feast, we also decorated it further with some season table decorations and the Grimm’s Celebration Ring.  We also used some of the little pumpkins as special candle holders for the Beeswax Candles, giving a warm glowing light as the early evening approached. The decorations shown above are the Chinese Lantern Fairy, Ostheimer Owl, Pumpkin Fairy, Forest gnome, Mini Felt Friends Black Cat and the Nasturtium Fairy as the other sweet decorations.

soul cakes and raw vegan soul treats

halloween cakes

Some of the hallowe’en treats we had were inspired by the traditions of all souls’ day.  It was customary to make soul cakes for visitors and those in need who would go ‘souling’, going from house to house singing and collecting bits of food or money, no doubt the origin to the ‘trick or treat’ tradition now more associated with hallowe’en.  Soul cakes would also be left in warm kitchens on the table on the eve of all soul’s day for visiting spirits or fairies.  We left a few out for the fairies just in case they visited!

Recipe for traditional soul cakes from Festivals, Family and Food book,

3 lbs plain flour (we used wholemeal spelt)
8 oz softened butter
8 oz sugar or coconut sugar
1oz yeast
2 eggs
1 tsp allspice
Sift the flour and work in the slightly softened butter.
Cream the yeast with a teaspoon of sugar.
Mix the flour with the eggs, yeast and enough milk to make a light dough.
Leave to rise, covered in a warm place for about 30 mins.
Then work into flat bun shapes.
Let rise for 15 mins, then bake at 425°F for 15 mins.

We also made some raw vegan soul treats as a healthy alternative for hallowe’en treats – these were yummy and the children loved them! Here’s the recipe:

1 cup of oats
1/2 cup of raisins
1/2 cup of dried apricots
1/4 cup of cacao butter
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground ginger
      Mix all together in a food processor and roll into balls.
happy halloween from all at myriad!

halloween display and dress up

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