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celebrating a light-filled advent with the grimm’s advent spiral
“In the deep and dark wood’s heart
Where moans the North Wind cold,
You will find a sun-filled cave
When you walk a spiral road.
Shimmering stars will sing above
To the crystals that glitter below,
While you draw your light from a flame so bright
Bringing warmth to the sparkling snow.”

‘Adventsong’ by Eugene Schwartz, The Waldorf Book of Poetry

The grimm’s advent spiral is an 8 piece, 24 hole solid alder wood spiral.  In either natural or in a coloured alder wood version. A magical light-filled way to celebrate the approach of Christmas!

We’ve had fun looking at different ways to decorate and theme the advent spiral as there are so many ways to make it personal to your family and it can become a beautiful tradition that can be repeated every advent and added to over the years. You can add a candle or decoration each day in the countdown to Christmas, or move a single candle inwards each day, when you reach the centre Christmas Eve has arrived!

Above we did a winter forest animal theme and decorated 24 little pebbles and stones, adding a new stone on each hole, each day.  The ostheimer woodland animals watched by completing the scene and we lit a single beeswax candle in an apple in the centre, lighting it each night when we added the daily stone, a lovely mindful moment each day during the busy days leading up to Christmas.



Above we’ve created a more traditional scene; the ostheimer Mary on the donkey and ostheimer Joseph move slowly around the spiral as each new candle is added each day.   When they reach the angel in the middle Christmas Eve will have arrived!  We’ve used the red 100% pure beeswax candles which need the brass candle holders in the spiral.


We had to do a fairy one! Here we have the little felt winter flower fairies looking after the advent spiral, and we took it in turns either adding a precious gemstone or a beeswax candle each day to get closer to the centre and Christmas Day! They also invited their friends the icicle princess, the snowflake fairy, the snowdrop fairy and the apple fairy.  You could even do it another way and add a new special fairy each day which could be given as a special advent gift each day to a child.  So sweet!


There are also lots of lovely grimm’s wooden decorations made for perfectly fitting in the advent spiral and celebration rings, you could add a different wooden decoration every other day like in the above version.  Here you can see the angel, the star, the gnome, and the raindrop tower decorations.


Another simple idea if it’s all about ‘how many days until father christmas comes?’  is that this sweet little felt santa claus could lead the addition of candles each day around the spiral until he reaches the centre and Christmas Eve arrives and he will be getting on his sleigh!

we look forward to finding out how you decide to use your advent spiral – instagram and tag us on your beautiful creations
– hashtag #mymyriadadventspiral

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