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playing with air
 The festival of ascension is often celebrated in waldorf schools by going outside and looking up at the clouds or playing with bubbles, blowing dandelion clocks and other games with air.


“Dandelion yellow, dandelion bright
How did you turn so fluffy and white?
Here in the hedgerow once dressed in gold
Your head has turned silver, your petals grown old.

Now as I blow to make dandelion time
Your parachutes fly and I hear your clock chime.
One o’clock, two o’clock, count out the sound
Watch the white angels float to the ground.”

Brenda Williams

We’ve been exploring the importance of children playing with the different elements inspired by the book ‘Earth, Water, Fire and Air‘ and how it encourages their wonder with the natural world.  Here are some lovely ways to play with air for ascension day.

playing with air – the wonder of bubbles

giant bubbles kit

This new giant bubble kit astounded us with its amazing bubbles! it’s also environmentally conscious and ethically sound too. The wand is made from 100% untreated cotton and sustainable sourced wood and the bubble mixture is great for making bubbles, phosphate and palm oil free – a full six years of research have gone into every bubble! Dr Zigs giant bubbles and kits are helping to change the world one bubble at a time with also their campaigns for peace and spreading of smiles with bubbles.

 playing with air – magic butterfly

magic paper flying butterfly toy

This colourful paper butterfly really does fly! So simple but effective, the paper wings have a thin wire frame and elastic band, simply wind the elastic band and then either hold carefully between the palm of your hands or inside a card and then on opening watch it take flight!

playing with air – paper ball

paper ball to inflate

This comes flat and then by blowing air into it, the paper ball inflates and holds it’s shape just from the rigidity of the paper! It’s so light it almost floats through the air as you throw and catch it. The ball can easily surprise you too if a gust of wind carries it off it’s own direction! Lots of fun and then can be flattened to carry home and used again and again!

playing with air – whirlwind bamboo spinner

flying bamboo whirlwind spinner

This whirlwind bamboo spinner takes off and flies! Simply spin the stick between your hands and the whirlwind spinner will take flight off into the air, children will love experimenting how high in the sky they can get it!


playing with air

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