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earth day earth paints limiting plastics
Celebrating Earth Day – 22 April, by having fun with Earth Paints

For Earth Day we painted the Earth using paints that are made using natural pigments from clay, and are organic and eco-friendly. The non-toxic and organic Children’s Earth Paint Kit is safe, fun and easy to use for all ages. They are eco-friendly paints that you can feel comfortable letting your child go wild with. Our ancestors have used paint on their bodies and created works of art for over 100,000 years. The Children’s Earth Paint Kit is an organic, eco-friendly paint kit made primarily from natural earth pigments (pure clay). The naturally coloured clay has been collected from the ground, dried, crushed and sifted into pure pigment. Mix water with these six powdered colours to create a creamy paint similar to tempera or add more water to create watercolour like effects. It is different from other children’s paint as it is a high quality, rich and vibrant paint free of fillers and preservatives. It is perfect for adults as well to create quality works of art on paper, stones, fabric, wood and more.  The kit contains six hand-crafted earth paints – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown (120 oz. of paint when mixed!)

limiting our use of plastics

At Myriad Natural Toys we have always championed natural materials over synthetics. What is healthiest and sense nurturing for our babies and children is also best for the world we live in.

As it is Earth Day we would like to let you know how much we are very aware of environmental issues caused by the disposal of plastics and Myriad uses NO PLASTICS in the wrapping and packaging of orders. We continue to supply items in plastic if that is how we received them from our supplier. It is a challenge for us all to minimise our dependency on plastic.

Our packing department only uses corn starch “chips”, packing paper, and boxes made from recycled card. We re-use packing material & boxes from our own deliveries and use paper tape. The corn starch chips are compostable, boxes & paper recyclable.

The Myriad catalogue is printed using a waterless process with vegetable based inks on recycled paper, and then posted in a biodegradable poly wrap or recycled paper envelopes.

Myriad will continue, together with our suppliers and partners, to work towards minimal plastic use. We are constantly looking to improve our environmental policy and we warmly welcome any feedback – please get in touch:


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