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Water Play
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Water + Children + Fun

Water always fascinates children and draws their attention. There are endless play opportunities with water, and these can be enhanced by simple toys. Our Waterwheel Kit is packed in a handy carry along tube – pop it in your rucksack on a day out and about – its easy to put together and play with in so many ways.

Making the Waterwheel work

Part of the fun is that you will need to find sticks as supports, and you will need to work out where to place the waterwheel, so that it turns smoothly and unhindered. Perhaps you will find away to attached a long looped string to the wheel and in turn the waterwheel will make another device go round and round….try The Hammer Mill! The beauty of the these experimental kits is that you can keep on coming with more ideas as you play. And that is the whole point with Kraul toys – we need to supply something to make them work – they are not “all included and ready to go”, we have to work at making them work. A wonderful antidote to our modern “have it all” culture. Walter Kraul’s wonderful book EARTH WATER FIRE AND AIR offers lots more ideas for play with the elements.

“The child can, wants to and ought to make efforts to succeed in limits which he can master” – Walter Kraul

(Water, even in the smallest amounts, can be dangerous, all water play should be supervised by an adult)

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