Environmental Policy

We source our range from companies who take their responsibilities to the child and environment seriously. Materials used are sustainably sourced, and workers are paid a fair wage for their labour. Almost all of our range is manufactured in Europe and these goods are therefore not air freighted. We also stock some products from developing countries and these are fair traded.

In our packing department we are constantly looking at ways to be more environmentally responsible. We pack your orders in recycled cardboard boxes or padded envelopes which contained a 100% recycled paper based filling and use a paper tape on the outside to seal the boxes. Internally we fill the boxes with recycled paper or card or bio-degradable corn starch “chips”. Where possible, we also recycle paper packaging and boxes that our own supplies are delivered in. We hope you can re-use or recycle all of the packing materials you receive from us, and the bio-degradable corn starch “chips” can go straight into your compost bin.

Our catalogue is printed on recycled paper using vegetable based inks, and posted in biodegradable poly wrap or recycled paper envelopes. We are constantly looking to improve our environmental policy and welcome any feedback.

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