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role play - pure silk dressing-up clothes & accessories

All children love to dress up! We are delighted to offer our wonderful range of natural fibre dressing up clothes. Unlike the widely available synthetic versions, ours are all made from 100% pure silk! Silk has a wonderful floaty, airy quality that has an affinity with childhood.

Our silk playcloths are one of the best creative toys you will find! Try them with your children and you will be amazed at the many creative ideas that will spring forth!

About our Silk
The silk dressing up and play items are made by a company that employs stay-at-home mothers, working on a traditional cottage industry basis. All silk items are hand hemmed. The silk is remarkable durable and is ideally suited for imaginative, free, creative play!

Play cloths are one of the most versatile toys for children. One can do almost anything with a play cloth and a child's imagination knows no limits!

Rainbow Silk Fairy Skirts

Let your fairy dreams come true in this lovely flowing, swaying silk skirt! Double layered reversible silk skirts, fully hemmed. Both skirts will fit ages 3-9. 

£27.95 each


Silk Fairy Skirts

Double layered reversible silk fairy skirts, fully hemmed. Fits age 3-9. 

£27.95 each


Golden Crown

Rainbow Garlands

Stretchy silk garland with a rose and ribbons hanging down. Use as a garland or with a silk playcloth for a wonderful headdress.

£7.95 each


Silk Crowns

Colourful silk crowns adorned with jewels for dress-up play. Princess reversible from pink to purple; Prince reversible from Gold to Green or Blue to Red. 

£15.95 each


Golden Crown

product code: 30006

Fabric golden crown with yellow flowers and adjustable velcro fitting. 80% cotton and 20% ... more>>
 Circumference approx. 54 cm.
Rainbow Veil Rainbow Cape Lavender Veil

Rainbow Veil

product code: 30071

Soft pure georgette silk drapes from a silk garland, adorned with matching ribbons. One ... more>>
Age: 3+  70cm

Rainbow Cape

product code: 30013

This beautifully coloured rainbow cape is ideal for magical dressing up escapades. Hand ... more>>
Age: from 3 to 7 years  80cm long.

Lavender Veil

product code: 30076

Soft georgette silk drapes from a silk garland, adorned with matching ribbons. One size ... more>>
 70 cm.
Rainbow Silk Fairy Wings Purple Silk Fairy Wings 

Rainbow Silk Fairy Wings

product code: 30015

Delightful silk wings - these fairy wings let fantasy take flight. Shimmering rainbow ... more>>
Age: from 3 to 8 years  

Rainbow Fairy Dress

New to our range, this is a magical dress for any fairy. Made from soft heavy weight silk, with silk georgette rainbow wings. This dress has an elastic neckline for easy slip on. Fits most 3-6 year olds.

£39.95 each


Purple Silk Fairy Wings 

product code: 30014

Delightful silk wings - these fairy wings let fantasy take flight. Shifting pink and ... more>>
Age: from 3 to 8 years  
Dragon Costume Unicorn Costume

Dragon Costume

product code: 30041

Complete one piece silk dragon costume. Green silk body with red wings, dark green points ... more>>
Age: from 3 to 7 years  

Mermaid Costume

Utterly gorgeous! Shimmery green and turquoise heavy-weight silk with wave pattern. Skirt with tail, tie-around top and head garland decorated with seaweed and ribbons. 

£49.95 each


Unicorn Costume

product code: 30049

This wonderful costume made from floaty, fairytale-like silk, comes as a complete one ... more>>
Age: from 3 to 7 years  
Princess Dress 3-6 years Princess Wimple Pink Magic Wand

Princess Dress

Soft shiny dress of heavyweight silk. Elastic bodice for easy slip on. Flowing silk georgette sleeves, matching trim and satin rose. Coordinate with Princess’ wimple. Available in two sizes. 

£64.95 each


Princess Wimple

Elegant pink silk hat with stiffening, georgette veil of rainbow colours and matching trim.

£19.95 each


Magic Wand

product code: 30039

Magic wand with a bright yellow star and rainbow coloured ribbons. Made in the ... more>>
Age: 3+  46 cm.
Doctor's Outfit Doctor's Carrying Case Nurse's Outfit

Doctor's Outfit

product code: 30018

100% cotton unisex doctor's outfit. One size. Made in Europe.  more>>
Age: 3+  

Doctor's Carrying Case

product code: 30012

Everything a young doctor needs, and all made of wood! Stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, ... more>>
Age: 3+  

Nurse's Outfit

product code: 30019

100% cotton unisex nurse's outfit. One size. Made in Europe. more>>
Age: 3+  
St George Tunic Dragon Tamer's Costume Silk Knight's Costume

St George Tunic

product code: 30043

Handmade cotton knight’s tunic with red cross motif sewn on, and belt. Beautiful ... more>>
Age: from 5 to 12 years  85 cm.

Dragon Tamer's Costume

product code: 30040

This superbly designed knights costume is made from from quality heavy woven cotton with ... more>>
Age: from 4 to 7 years  Fits most 4-7 year olds. Tunic 69 cm.

Silk Knight's Costume

product code: 30034

Two-sided emerald green tunic woven in a chain mail pattern, with sewn in no-tie royal ... more>>
Age: from 4 to 8 years  
St George Shield Wizards Cape and Hat Knight's Shield

St George Shield

product code: 30064

Plywood with St George's Cross motif. more>>
 37cm 49cm.

Wizards Cape and Hat

product code: 30072

Blue silk cape with star motif, and a starry silk hat with gold inner silk lining, and ... more>>
Age: from 3 to 8 years  Cape 70cm long. Hat is 37cm tall.

Knight's Shield

product code: 30065

Plywood shield with raised emblem.  Colour or shield and emblem may vary. more>>
Age: 3+  52 x 40 cm.
Knight's Bow and Arrows Knight's Quiver

Knight's Bow and Arrows

product code: 30067

Ash bow with three beech wood arrows. more>>
Age: 10+  90 cm.

Knight's Quiver

product code: 30066

Sling this fabric quiver over a shoulder to keep extra arrows at the ready! more>>
Age: 6+  40 cm.
Knight's Sword Leather Grip Painted Sword Knight's Dagger

Knight's Sword Leather Grip

product code: 30073

Wooden sword, leather grip. Hilts vary. Longer 66 cm length. more>>
Age: 3+  66 cm.

Painted Sword

product code: 30082

Wooden sword, painted grey, with a black hilt and two tone grey handle. Made in Europe. more>>
Age: 3+  49 cm.

Knight's Dagger

product code: 30068

Wooden Knight's dagger. Excludes scabbard which is available separately.  more>>
Age: 3+  30 cm.
Knight's Leather Belt Knight's Leather Scabbard Pirate

Knight's Leather Belt

product code: 30070

Leather belt to match the knight's scabbard.  more>>
Age: 3+  

Knight's Leather Scabbard

product code: 30069

Designed to hold our knight's sword, painted sword or dagger. more>>
Age: 3+  

Pirate "Gold"

product code: 99072

Small Glass bottle with a cork stopper, filled with iron pyrites . more>>
 40 gm.
Pirate Sabre Pirate Message in a Bottle Pirate Headscarf and Patch

Pirate Sabre

product code: 30120

For swashbuckling adventures on the high seas. Solid wood. Made in Europe.  more>>
Age: 4+  46 cm.

Pirate Message in a Bottle

product code: 30123

glass bottle with cork stopper, containing a treasure map with German text, and a little ... more>>
Age: from birth  

Pirate Headscarf and Patch

product code: 30121

Black cotton eye patch with elasticated band and cotton headkerchief with skull and ... more>>
Age: 3+  
Native American Bow and Arrows Native American Necklace

Native American Bow and Arrows

product code: 30127

Three beech wood arrows with feather flights and rubber ends, and an ash wood bow with ... more>>
Age: 6+  Bow 78 cm.

Native American Necklace

product code: 30129

Native American necklace featuring wooden beads, wooden animal teeth and ... more>>
Age: 3+  
Native American Headdress Native American Quiver

Native American Headdress

product code: 30125

Real goose feathers with woven elasticated head band for a good snug fit. Made in ... more>>
Age: from 3 to 8 years  

Native American Quiver

product code: 30128

Leather quiver for your arrows, decorated with wood, feathers, leather fringe and a woven ... more>>
Age: 6+  33 cm.
Native American Knife and Sheath Tomahawk Peace Pipe

Native American Knife and Sheath

product code: 30126

Leather sheath with fringe, holding a wooden knife, with leather and bead detailing. ... more>>
Age: 3+  Knife 23 cm.


product code: 30124

Painted wooden tomahawk, with feather and bead decoration. Made in Europe. more>>
Age: 3+  28 cm.

Peace Pipe

product code: 30130

Painted wooden peace pipe, with feather and bead decoration. Made in Europe. more>>
Age: 3+  33 cm.
Great Plains Teepee Muslin Cloth Set

Great Plains Teepee

product code: 30119

The ultimate Native American Teepee, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The tent ... more>>
Age: 3+  210 cm high. Diameter 175 cm.

Muslin Cloth Set

product code: 30084

18 100% cotton cheesecloths in assorted colours, from light brown to lemon ... more>>
Age: 3+   80cm x 80cm  18 cloths
Natural Face Paint Kit Eulenspiegel Face Paints

Natural Face Paint Kit

product code: 31020

This clay and mineral-based face and body paint is similar to the original body paints ... more>>
 6 x 0.5 oz 

Eulenspiegel Face Paints

product code: 31018

These face paints contain no fragrances, are gluten free and have filters to block UV ... more>>
Eulenspiegel Face Pencils Giotto Make Up Pencils

Eulenspiegel Face Pencils

product code: 31019

These face pencils offer soft and intense colour application. Easy to sharpen with a ... more>>

Giotto Make Up Pencils

product code: 30025

Designed for safe use on the skin. High quality dermatologically tested pigments. six ... more>>
Wooden Play Clip Hardwood Play Clip

Wooden Play Clip

product code: 30024

Wooden clips for holding silk cloths - and just about anything else - in ... more>>
Age: 3+  

Hardwood Play Clip

product code: 30020

Our wooden play clips are now available in hardwood. Great for holding silk cloths and ... more>>
Age: 3+  
Rainbow Coloured Pegs Jingly Bells

Rainbow Coloured Pegs

product code: 30081

14 full size rainbow pegs. more>>
Age: 3+  

Jingly Bells

product code: 30083

For dance and play. Fit to ankle or wrist for wonderful sleigh bell sound. Leather. Colour ... more>>
Age: 3+  
Starry Night Silk Streamer Rainbow Silk Streamer Heart Silk Streamer

Starry Night Silk Streamer

product code: 30022

Nine feet of shimmering blue silk on a wooden waving stick. Absolutely wonderful! more>>
Age: 3+  Stick 46 cm.

Rainbow Silk Streamer

product code: 30021

Nine feet of shimmering silk on a wooden waving stick. Absolutely wonderful! An all time ... more>>
Age: 3+  Stick 46 cm.

Heart Silk Streamer

product code: 30023

Nine feet of shimmering pink silk on a wooden waving stick. Absolutely wonderful! more>>
Age: 3+  Stick 46 cm.

Silk Playcloths

Ideal for dressing up; wrap around as a skirt, tie as a cape, fastening on wrists like wings! Wonderful for imaginative play - spread on the floor to make a lake, bundle up a doll, knot on a stick and wave, and perfect for the season table! Available in 18 beautiful colours. See enlargement photo for colours, where cloths are pictured in the order listed in the drop down menu.
90cm square
£11.95 each


Colourful Silk Playcloths

Beautifully dyed multi-coloured playcloths. Now available in 5 versions.
90 x 90 cm.
£14.95 each

Cotton Playcloth Rainbow

Cotton Playcloths

Excellent for den building. Wide, sturdy and pastel coloured to let just enough light in, and provide a private space to play. These 'blossom cloths' are a staple of the Waldorf classroom and the natural playroom. Hand dyed in the USA. Hand wash and hang dry.
106 x 182cm.
£20.95 each


Cotton Playcloth Rainbow

product code: 30156

Excellent for den building. Wide, sturdy and pastel coloured to let just enough light in, ... more>>
 106 x 182 cm
Rainbow Giant Silk Playscape

Rainbow Giant Silk Playscape

product code: 30027

Now you can have your very own rainbow! Guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest day. ... more>>
Age: 3+  270cm x 90cm (9 x 3ft)

Colourful Silk Giant Playscapes

Your very own billowing playscape, beautifully dyed and multi-coloured. Ideal for use with our wonderful playframes, or attach to furniture with our playclips. Now available in 5 versions.
270 x 90 cm.
£39.95 each