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pentatonic musical instruments

Pentatonic Musical InstrumentsPentatonic musical instruments use the Pentatonic Scale, which consists of five notes (DEGAB) and makes any succession of notes harmonious. The very high quality of our musical instruments allows the child to experience music in its fullest meaning. Our range of musical instruments (mostly Pentatonic) are chosen for their very high tonal quality, craftsmanship and suitability as first musical instruments for young children. Read more about Pentatonic musical instruments and the use of the Pentatonic Scale.

You might also like to take a look at our 'I Love To Be Me - Songs in the Mood of the Fifth' book, which has a selection of songs for young children from 5-9 years and beyond, composed using a 7 string Pentatonic lyre.

These instruments show a true agreement with what the ear hears, the hand feels and eye sees. This stimulates, harmonises and educates the whole human being. Kjell Andersson

Pentatonic Lyres

My Little Pentatonic Lyre Kinder Pentatonic Lyre Pentatonic Children's Lyre (RH)

My Little Pentatonic Lyre

product code: 70001

Handcrafted seven string Pentatonic Lyre with an appealing shape. Light and easy to hold ... more>>
Age: 4+  29cm high. 

Kinder Pentatonic Lyre

product code: 70013

A simple but powerful pentatonic seven string lyre through which children can learn music ... more>>
Age: 5+  38 cm.

Pentatonic Children's Lyre (RH)

product code: 70000

Pentatonic 7 string Lyre with a clear and light filled sound, carried by the the wood's ... more>>
Age: 5+  38 cm.
Pentatonic Children's Lyre Pentatonic Children's Harp Twelve String Pentatonic Dual Lyre

Pentatonic Children's Lyre

product code: 70002

Pentatonic 7 string Lyre with a clear and light filled sound, carried by the the wood's ... more>>
Age: 5+  38cm.

Pentatonic Children's Harp

product code: 70003

This pentatonic harp is ideal for a first stringed instrument, (but will also be enjoyed ... more>>
Age: from 5 to 8 years  

Twelve String Pentatonic Dual Lyre

product code: 70028

Hand crafted in Sweden this 12 string pentatonic Lyre has a beautiful shape and clear ... more>>
Age: 7+  

Pentatonic Glockenspiels

Pentatonic Glockenspiel - Straight Frame Pentatonic Glockenspiel

Curved Frame Five Tone Pentatonic Glockenspiel

Pentatonic Glockenspiel - Straight Frame

product code: 70006

Pentatonic, seven tone glockenspiel with the same quality keys as our  curved ... more>>
Age: 3+  20 cm.

Pentatonic Glockenspiel Curved Frame

product code: 70005

Pentatonic 7 tone, beautiful carved shape. Its tone is crystal clear and celestial. ... more>>
Age: 3+  20 cm.

Five Tone Pentatonic Glockenspiel

product code: 70047

Wonderful five tone pentatonic glockenspiel. Made in Germany by a small family firm. With ... more>>
Age: 3+  17 cm.
Eight Tone Pentatonic Glockenspiel Coloured Pentatonic Glockenspiel Fish Eight Tone Glockenspiel

Eight Tone Pentatonic Glockenspiel

product code: 70018

This pentatonic glockenspiel is characterised by outstanding sound and high stability. Its ... more>>
Age: 3+  29x12 cm.

Coloured Pentatonic Glockenspiel

product code: 70032

Eight bar pentatonic glockenspiel with brightly coloured bars, made in Europe by ... more>>
Age: 3+  22 cm.

Fish Eight Tone Glockenspiel

product code: 70014

Very large eight tone glockenspiel. Bright red with a string to enable wall hanging. Made ... more>>
 66 cm.

Diatonic and Chromatic Glockenspiels

Eight Tone Diatonic Glockenspiel Chromatic Glockenspiel - 20 tones

Eight Tone Diatonic Glockenspiel

product code: 70019

These glockenspiels are very finely tuned and have a clear, pure overtone. With their ... more>>

Chromatic Glockenspiel - 20 tones

product code: 70004

A magnificent chromatic glockenspiel.  20 tones from C to D including flats and ... more>>
Age: 7+  
Coloured Glockenspiel 12 Bars Rainbow Diatonic Glockenspiel

Coloured Glockenspiel 12 Bars

product code: 70031

12 bar glockenspiel with brightly coloured bars. Madein Europe by Ostheimer. more>>
Age: 3+  32 cm.

Rainbow Diatonic Glockenspiel

product code: 70048

This eight tone diatonic glockenspiel is made in Germany by a small family firm. The ... more>>
Age: 7+  31 cm.
Pentatonic Xylophone Baby Marimba

Pentatonic Xylophone

product code: 70007

A straight framed wooden pentatonic xylophone, made from acacia wood. Gentle and mellow ... more>>
Age: 3+  

Baby Marimba

product code: 70011

Wonderful simple instrument hand made in Sweden by adults with special needs. The tone ... more>>
Age: 1 year+  36 cm long. 11 cm high.
Sansula Drum Kalimba Remo Nine Tone Kalimba Sansula Drum Kalimba Paper

Sansula Drum Kalimba Remo

product code: 70038

A wonderful kalimba, with a mesmerising sound. This is similar to our Nine Tone Kalimba, ... more>>
Age: 6+  

Nine Tone Kalimba

product code: 70036

Superb quality kalimba with solid base made from cherrywood. Hold kalimba in both hands ... more>>
Age: 6+  9x11 cm.

Sansula Drum Kalimba Paper

product code: 70039

A wonderful kalimba, with a mesmerising sound. This is similar to our Nine Tone Kalimba, ... more>>
Age: 10+  
Pentatonic Recorder Recorder Bag Maple Pentatonic Recorder

Pentatonic Recorder

product code: 70009

These flutes have a unique tone quality, and mild sound. Specially developed for children. ... more>>
Age: 6+  Length 27cm.

Recorder Bag

product code: 70012

Hand woven cotton recorder bag with a drawstring. Machine washable. Colours may vary. Made ... more>>
 Length 36cm.     

Maple Pentatonic Recorder

product code: 70034

Classic pentatonic recorder as used in Steiner Waldorf schools. Made in Germany entirely ... more>>
Age: 4+  27 cm.
Mini 3 Tone Flute Painted Clay Ocarina Fish Ocarina

Mini 3 Tone Flute

product code: 70010

Pear tree flute, leather thong.  more>>
Age: 3+  9.5cm.

Painted Clay Ocarina

product code: 70029

Clay ocarina with colourful decoration. Six holes to top and two to the rear. Decoration ... more>>
Age: 5+  10 x 7 cm.

Fish Ocarina

product code: 70040

High quality four hole ceramic ocarina in the shape of a fish. C major. Made in ... more>>
Age: 5+  9cm.
DIY Wooden Bongo Kit Drum Tambourine

DIY Wooden Bongo Kit

product code: 70027

Unleash your inner drummer. This kit contains all the parts and tools required to ... more>>
Age: 14+  28 x 14 x 15 cm.


product code: 70021

Quality percussion instrument, crafted in India - and fair traded. Made with care from ... more>>
Age: 3+    Ø 23 cm, 11 cm deep.


product code: 70030

Quality Fair Traded instrument, made in India from wood and goat hide. more>>
Age: 3+  Ø 21 cm, 5 cm deep. Colours may vary.
Clay Bird Whistle Stirring Xylophone Shaker Percussion Set

Clay Bird Whistle

product code: 99019

Three tone clay whistle hanging on a leather thong. 6 cm. more>>
Age: 3+  

Stirring Xylophone

product code: 70008

A wonderfully simple instrument, hand crafted in Sweden by adults with special needs. This ... more>>
Age: 2+  

Shaker Percussion Set

product code: 70020

Three piece set, with a coconut shaker, bamboo shaker and egg shaker. more>>
Percussion Set 1 Percussion Set 2

Percussion Set 1

product code: 70022

Shake and bang these percussion instruments to create a magical cacophony. Includes a pair ... more>>
Age: 3+  

Percussion Set 2

product code: 70023

Four percussion instruments which include bell band, dam ru, double castanet, and egg ... more>>
Age: 3+  
Percussion Fish Block Percussion Frog Grasshopper Percussion Block

Percussion Fish Block

product code: 70035

Hand crafted percussion block in the shape of a fish. Use the ridges to create a rasping ... more>>
Age: 3+  18 cm.

Percussion Frog

product code: 70015

Rub the stick along the spine for an authentic frog sound. Traditional percussion ... more>>
Age: 3+  Length 11cm.

Grasshopper Percussion Block

product code: 70046

Hand carved grasshopper producing a warm percussive sound when struck or a rasping sound ... more>>
Age: 3+  17 cm.

Lyre Strings for the Children's Lyre

product code: 70025


Lyre String Set for Children's Harp

product code: 70024


Lyre String Set for My Little Lyre

product code: 70026