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natural 100% wool felt

Felt craft materials for making season table figures, doll's house dolls, flower fairies and more! In our BOOKS, crafts & activities section you will find books with ideas and inspiration!

   1: Corn
   2: Yellow
   3: Golden Yellow
   4: Orange
   7: Scarlet
   8: Fuschia
   12: Ochre
   14: Olive
   15: Hazel Brown
   16: Brown
   17: Peach
   22: Rust Red
   23: Deep Red
   24: Claret
   26: Pink
   30: Magenta
   32: Violet
   33: Beige
   35: Mousey Brown
   36: Dark Earth
   37: Silver Grey
   38: Grey
   40: Black
   41: Sage Green
   42: Lime
   44: Fresh Green
   45: Emerald
   46: Forest Green
   47: Moss Green
   48: Bottle Green
   49: Mint Green
   51: Turquoise
   53: Sea Blue
   55: Navy
   56: White
   57: Pale Sea Blue
   58: Light Blue
   59: Royal Blue
   60: Ultramarine
   61: Lavender
   62: Lilac
   64: Dusty Pink
   65: Pale Pink
   66: Lemon Yellow
   69: Pale skin
   71: Ecru
100% Wool Felt <BR>Bear Plant Dyed Wool Felt

Felt 20cm x 30cm square pieces

This felt is crisp and denser than the usual viscose/wool mix. It does not shrink, lose shape, tear, crease or fray. A dream to work with! Please use the drop-down list to select the colour you would like to order. 

£1.60 each


Plant Dyed Wool Felt

product code: 62099

Organic, 100% wool felt, dyed with natural plant colours. Beautiful shades. more>>
 Pack of 10 different colours. 20cm x 30cm sheets.

Plant Dyed Wool Felt Off Cuts Felt Beads

Plant Dyed Wool Felt Pastel & Bold

Organic, 100% wool felt, dyed with  natural plant colours. Pack of 6 different colours in bold or pastel shades. Colours may vary depending on the annual weather conditions which affect the plant dyes.
15cm x 20cm sheets.
£9.50 each


Plant Dyed Wool Felt Off Cuts

product code: 62098

Organic off cuts from our very popular plant dyed 100% wool felt. more>>

Felt Beads

product code: 60017

Sheep's wool felted beads dyed in harmonious plant dye colours. more>>

Seasonal Wool Felt Sample Packs

Eight seasonal coloured pieces of felt in our new sample packs. Each pack captures the hues of either Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Veronica has carefully selected the felt colours so there is no overlapping. Smaller sized pieces,
10cm x 15cm, for those smaller craft projects!

Spring Colours Sample Pack Summer Colours<BR>Sample Pack Autumn Colours<BR>Sample Pack Winter ColoursSample Pack

Spring Colours Sample Pack

product code: 62091


Summer Colours
Sample Pack

product code: 62093


Autumn Colours
Sample Pack

product code: 62092


Winter ColoursSample Pack

product code: 62094


Fair Traded Felt From Nepal

100% wool felt. Fair traded. Thicker and less dense than our regular felt.
Spot Felt

Spot Felt

product code: 62090

6 sheets of 100% wool felt with spotted pattern on one side. This felt is thicker than our ... more>>
 15cm x 15cm sheets.