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first dolls & soft toys

Our dolls are soft, cuddly and made to last and be loved for many years! They are all made from natural materials and have minimal facial features, allowing the child to bestow life onto the doll. All these dolls are of the highest quality, and are handmade using first class natural materials, such as cotton, pure new wool and mohair. The softer simpler dolls are suitable for younger children. Dolls with a full set of removable clothes are more suitable for children over 5 years. All dolls featured can be gently surface washed with cool water.

The doll is a most important plaything for boys and girls alike; becoming the child's alter ego and help them explore their world and deal with new experiences.

Play with dolls is of special importance because it is one of the ways through which the child can externalise his own inner being Rahima Baldwin Dancy

Night Dress Doll

Soft Cuddle Dolls

Soft cuddle doll, perfect for the young child. Handmade in Europe using traditional handcraft methods. Each face is hand painted and unique. All fabrics are certified to Öko-Tex standard 100. Stuffed with 100% pure wool.
From Birth. 30cm tall.
£49.95 each


Stripy Toddler Dolls

Gorgeous, very soft and huggable. We really like these dolls! A real armful for a child of 1 year plus. Warm and pure organic wool terry, filled with organic stuffing wool. Each face is hand painted, making every doll unique. In blue, pink or colourgrown.
From 1 year. 42cm tall.
£49.95 each


Night Dress Doll

product code: 19010

Our sleepy doll is all ready for bed! Made from organic cotton, stuffed with organic wool, ... more>>
Age: 1 year+  30cm tall.
Jester Doll

Little Carrot & Little Banana

Soft rattle toy with a hand painted face by the designer Nana Sendke. Delicate rattle tucked safely inside. Good size to hold and to chew on. Organic cotton terry, with organic sheep's wool stuffing. Handmade in Germany. 
From 3 months. 18-22cm tall.
£15.95 each


Jester Doll

product code: 19001

Our new baby/toddler doll has a cute red nose, and dangling legs and arms. Soft pure ... more>>
Age:1m+  Height 40cm.

Nana Baby Dolls

Green Hat Organic cotton terry doll with legs. Loosely filled with soft organic sheep's wool. With internal bell. 18cm tall. Pink Hat Organic cotton terry doll. Head is filled with organic sheep's wool. The empty wide cloth doll body provides lots of terry cloth to hold. 23cm tall.

£15.95 each


Nicki Baby

Nicki is made in Europe from pure organic velour and filled with quarty sand to give a wonderful weighted feel that allows her to sit up. She comes in stripes or plain velour; soft pink or light blue. Very cute!

Nicki Baby Light Blue Nicki Baby Pink Nicki Baby Navy

Nicki Baby Light Blue

product code: 19130

more>> Age: from birth  20 cm tall.

Nicki Baby Pink

product code: 19132

more>> Age: from birth  20 cm tall.

Nicki Baby Navy

product code: 19131

more>> Age: from birth  20 cm tall.
Kathe Kruse Gugguli Doll Enchanted Meadow Towel Doll

Kathe Kruse Gugguli Doll

product code: 19000

Cotton velour cloth doll for little ones. Lovely bright red coloured body and a blue ... more>>
Age: 3m+  Length 28cm.

Enchanted Meadow Towel Doll

product code: 19002

Classic Kathe Kruse towel doll with pretty flower patterned detailing. A very ... more>>
Age: from birth  32cm long.

Grabbing Toys

These soft velour baby bugs hold a beech wood grabbing ring in their arms and are 16 cm tall. Lovely loose body for grabbing. Hand painted with removable ring that is waxed with beeswax. Suitable from 3 months and for teething. Please remove ring before hand washing. Öko-Tex certified fabric.

Organic Stripy Teething Bug Pink Organic Stripy Teething Bug Light Blue

Teething Baby Bugs

Beech wood grabbing ring held in the arms of a soft velour Baby Bug. Beeswax finished ring, removable for machine washing. Öko-Tex certified fabric. Sky, Leaf, Rainbow Striped, Sunshine and Rose to choose from. 16 cm long, from 3 months.
16 cm.
£12.95 each


Organic Stripy Teething Baby Bugs

Organic stripy teething bug baby made from organic cotton holding a wooden teething ring.  Made in Europe by Kathe Kruse.
16 cm.
£16.95 each

Nana Toddler Doll

Nana Toddler Doll

product code: 20003

Fine organic cotton terry cloth doll with a hand painted face. Loosely filled with organic ... more>>
Age:1m+  23cm tall.

Pimpel Doll

Organic pimpel doll with hand painted face. Made in Germany. From 3 months. 22 cm.

£12.95 each


Pimpel Doll with Ring

Organic Pimpel Doll with hand painted face and beech wood grabbing ring. Made in Germany. From 3 months. 22cm.

£14.95 each

Organic Woollen Lamb Rabbit Comforter Woollen Puppy

Organic Woollen Lamb

product code: 19029

A soft Kathe Kruse baby lamb made from brushed wool fleece fabric. Instantly warming, the ... more>>
Age:1m+  23 cm tall.

Rabbit Comforter

product code: 19024

Organic cotton terry comforter with maple wood teething ring. Handmade in Germany using ... more>>
Age:1m+  23cm tall.

Woollen Puppy

product code: 19026

Kathe Kruse cuddly puppy, 100% organic fabric and filled with beautiful soft organic ... more>>
Age: 6m+  35 cm tall.
Cotton Plush Bear Cotton Plush Hare Cotton Plush Dog

Cotton Plush Bear

product code: 20036

This cuddly all cotton organic Plush Bear is filled with organic sheep’s wool. A friend ... more>>
Age: 6m+  32cm tall.

Cotton Plush Hare

product code: 20035

Floppy eared all cotton organic Plush Hare, filled with organic sheep's wool. Beautifully ... more>>
Age: 6m+  32cm tall. 

Cotton Plush Dog

product code: 20037

Soft organic cotton, filled with organic sheep's wool. A cuddly friend for our Cotton ... more>>
Age: 6m+  

Natural Soft Animals

New to our range, a series of cuddly animals and glove puppets with a difference. Instead of the regular synthetic 'fur' with polyester fibre stuffing, ours are made from mohair, soft organic cotton and sheep's wool. All are hand washable or machine washable on a cold wool cycle.
Plush Farm Calf Plush Farm Donkey Plush Farm Piglet

Plush Farm Calf

product code: 20042

Wonderful organic plush calf! Firmly stuffed for play, made from organic cotton plush ... more>>
Age: 1 year+  Approx. 18cm long.

Plush Farm Donkey

product code: 20043

Wonderful organic plush donkey! Firmly stuffed for play, made from organic cotton plush ... more>>
Age: 1 year+  Approx. 18cm long.

Plush Farm Piglet

product code: 20044

Wonderful organic plush piglet! Firmly stuffed for play, made from organic cotton plush ... more>>
Age: 1 year+  Approx. 18cm long.
Plush Farm Lamb Plush Farm Horse Plush Farm Dog

Plush Farm Lamb

product code: 20045

Wonderful organic plush lamb! Firmly stuffed for play, made from organic cotton plush ... more>>
Age: 1 year+  Approx. 18cm long.

Plush Farm Horse

product code: 20046

So much nicer than synthetic plush animals! Firmly stuffed for play, these are made from ... more>>
Age: 1 year+  18cm tall.

Plush Farm Dog

product code: 20047

So much nicer than synthetic plush animals! Firmly stuffed for play, these are made from ... more>>
Age: 1 year+  18cm tall.
Baby JoJo Doll

Brother and Sister Hare

Wonderful finely crafted mohair plush stuffed Easter Hares. Each comes with their own removable tailored linen outfit. All natural materials inside and out. Choose from Brother Hare (red/brown jacket) or Sister Hare (green jacket). Exceptional quality, made in Germany. 
25cm tall.
£44.95 each


Baby JoJo Doll

product code: 19072

This lovely, all organic, soft doll is handmade in England using hand woven organic cotton ... more>>
Age: 1 year+  28cm tall.