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exploring the elements (including kraul science-craft kits)

This range of kits from KRAUL are designed to bring us in contact with the living elements. Adults and children will enjoy the challenge of making the models and having a lot of happy and serious play! See our Competitive Games page for 'playing with fire'. 

Big Cable Car Kit Winch and Station for Big Cable Car Shuttle Service Big Cable Car Kit

Big Cable Car Kit

product code: 42003

Modelled on a real-life mountain funicular, this fantastic cable car will travel across ... more>>
Age: 5+  Gondola base 16x10 cm.

Winch and Station for Big Cable Car

product code: 42004

The Big Cable Car Kit offers lots of experimental fun, but if you wish to extend the play ... more>>
Age: 5+  

Shuttle Service Big Cable Car Kit

product code: 42001

This set contains everything you need to run a shuttle service big cable car. The set ... more>>
Age: 10+  
Basket Funicular Cable Runner Kit Double Mini Cable Car

Basket Funicular

product code: 42009

Easy to assemble, with plenty of play value. Toys, little passengers and more can travel ... more>>
Age: 6+  

Cable Runner Kit

product code: 42020

This portable cable car ingeniously uses the box as the gondola. Alternatively, attach a ... more>>
Age: 5+  Assembly from 8 years, play 5 years.

Double Mini Cable Car

product code: 42005

This double mini cable car kit includes two mini cable cars, string and a station that ... more>>
Age: 9+  
Candle Car Kit Pinhole Camera Kit Steamboat

Candle Car Kit

product code: 42040

Generate electricity from the heat of a candle using a thermo-generator. Add cooling ... more>>
Age: 14+  16 cm.

Pinhole Camera Kit

product code: 42014

Made from durable black cardboard with light-tight clamshell design and plastic spools. ... more>>
Age: 10+  26x20x2.5 cm.


product code: 42029

Experimental toy demonstrating the concept of a pulse motor. The water filled metal spiral ... more>>
Age: 6+     17 cm.
Small Leaf Press Microscope Sun Dial

Small Leaf Press

product code: 42026

Pressed flowers and leaves are a great way to explore nature. Good compact size means it ... more>>
Age: 6+  12cm (l) x 7cm (w) x 3cm (h) 


product code: 42024

Adjustable magnifying glass for close up observation of leaves, flowers, insects, stones ... more>>
Age: 3+  15 cm high.

Sun Dial

product code: 42023

A genuine pocket-sized timepiece for bright children. Align with the sun using the ... more>>
Age: 6+  6x6 cm.
Electric Motor Kit Roman Tablet Kaleidoscope Tube Kit

Electric Motor Kit

product code: 42028

Make your own fully functioning electric motor with this educational experimental kit for ... more>>
Age: 10+  15 cm.

Roman Tablet

product code: 42025

The Romans started using such tablets over 2000 years ago for making notes, calculations ... more>>
Age: 4+  Measures 14cm x12cm when the tablet is open.

Kaleidoscope Tube Kit

product code: 42027

Fantastic new kit for inquisitive children. This kit includes a tube, wooden plug, glass ... more>>
Age: 5+  
Solar Paper Solar Paper Large Solar Cloth

Solar Paper

product code: 42022

Quality light sensitive paper for printing pictures by sunlight. Watch images develop ... more>>
Age: 5+  20 sheets, 14x19 cm.

Solar Paper Large

product code: 42037

Quality light sensitive paper for printing pictures by sunlight. Watch images develop ... more>>
Age: 5+  10 sheets, 28 x 22 cm.

Solar Cloth

product code: 42032

Quality light-sensitive cloth for printing pictures by sunlight. Watch images develop ... more>>
Age: 5+  6 sheets 15x15cm.
Camera Obscura Kit Catapult Kit Block and Tackle Pulley Kit

Camera Obscura Kit

product code: 42045

The Camera Obscura kit shows you how photography began. Any modern camera is still a ... more>>
Age: 10+  

Catapult Kit

product code: 42012

Make a fully working wooden catapult, based on those used to lay siege to a castle in ... more>>
Age: 12+  25x6x5 cm.

Block and Tackle Pulley Kit

product code: 42016

Experiment with strength and weights. The pulley is an ancient tool for lifting or moving ... more>>
Age: 6+  Ideal for ages 10 and up.
Fire Bowl and Cooking Pan Set Fire Bowl Cooking Pan and Supports

Fire Bowl and Cooking Pan Set

product code: 40004

Hand-made from fireproof ceramic  using traditional methods combined with modern ... more>>
Age: 6+    Bowl 24cm Ø, 14cm tall. Pan 26cm Ø.

Fire Bowl

product code: 40002

Our brand new fire bowl is handmade in Germany. Using traditional methods combined with ... more>>
Age: 6+  Bowl measures: 24cm  Ø, 14cm tall.

Cooking Pan and Supports

product code: 40003

For use with our ceramic fire bowl. more>>
Age: 6+  Pan 26 cm Ø.  
Swedish Fire Steel Kaleidoscope Mirror Box Weather Vane Kit

Swedish Fire Steel

product code: 40027

Simple enthralling device. Strike the metal against the fire steel bar and sparks will ... more>>
Age: 6+  8 cm.

Kaleidoscope Mirror Box

product code: 42021

This mirror box will dazzle you with its wonderful patterns that appear as if by magic. ... more>>
Age: 3+  15cm x 15cm.

Weather Vane Kit

product code: 42042

This weather vane will help you observe the wind. Assembly from 8 years. Made in Germany. more>>
Age: 8+  
Trout Paddle Boat Waterwheel Kit Turbine Kit

Trout Paddle Boat

product code: 42017

This wonderful boat will actually travel against the current! For play in streams or ... more>>
Age: 6+  Assembly from age 9, play from age 6.

Waterwheel Kit

product code: 42018

Make a simple waterwheel for use in small streams. more>>
Age: 5+  Diameter 28cm.

Turbine Kit

product code: 42043

This kit demonstrates the water turbine. Water falling on the turbine causes it to turnon ... more>>
Age: 9+  
Catamaran Paddle Boat Kit Glider Kit Super Bamboo Dragonfly

Catamaran Paddle Boat Kit

product code: 42013

This kit consists of 50 pieces of strong waterproof 3mm plywood. Once constructed the ... more>>
Age: 8+  17x28x23 cm.

Glider Kit

product code: 42011

A simple kit to make two small balsa wood gliders. The gliders are quickly balanced, ... more>>
Age: 6+  Wingspan 30 cm.

Super Bamboo Dragonfly

product code: 42010

Pull the string and watch the super dragonfly rise up into the sky. An easier to use ... more>>
Age: 5+  23cm x 14cm.
Candle Seesaw Kit Heavy Duty Block and Tackle Mini Cable Car Kit

Candle Seesaw Kit

product code: 42015

As long as the candle is burning the little dolls seesaw at a gentle pace. Marvel as they ... more>>
Age: 10+     20cm,

Heavy Duty Block and Tackle

product code: 42041

This heavy duty block and tackle will make lifting loads easy. Loads weigh 4 times less. ... more>>
Age: 3+  35 cm. Load up to 80 kgs.

Mini Cable Car Kit

product code: 42006

A mini version of our best selling cable car kit. more>>
Age: 9+  
Tumbling Gnomes Kit Tumbling Gnome Wendolin Kit

Tumbling Gnomes Kit

product code: 65026

Make 4 tumbling gnomes. Includes ready cut felt, cardboard rolls for heads, ball ... more>>
Age: 3+  

Tumbling Gnome

product code: 99006

Jolly somersaulting gnomes that will delight all ages. Will somersault down any ... more>>
Age: 3+  10 cm.
£2.50  each


Wendolin Kit

product code: 42019

A heavy steel ball bearing under Wendolin's bonnet is the driving force of this car. As ... more>>
Age: 5+  Assembly from age 9, play from age 5.
Little Passenger Rainbow Pack of 9 Little Passengers Hovercraft

Little Passenger

product code: 42007

The ideal passenger for any of our cable cars. Bendable wire body covered in 100% wool ... more>>
Age: 3+  6cm tall.

Rainbow Pack of 9 Little Passengers

product code: 42008

Set of nine passengers for any of our cable cars. Bendable wire body covered in 100% wool ... more>>
Age: 3+  6 cm tall. 9 pieces.


product code: 42038

Attach the balloon and watch this hovercraft traverse the table. more>>
Age: 6+  16cm long.
Hammer Mill Kit Building Bridges

Hammer Mill Kit

product code: 42044

Like the large and ancient examples in the blacksmith's workshop, this hammer mill can be ... more>>
Age: 10+  

Building Bridges

product code: 42039

Make amazingly strong bridges from paper and wood. Crossing water has been a great ... more>>
Age: 10+  
Candle Boat Kit Light Rotor Rotary Candle Lantern Kit

Candle Boat Kit

product code: 42046

Power an electric wooden boat by electricity generated from the heat of a candle. The ... more>>
Age: 14+  

Light Rotor Rotary Candle Lantern Kit

product code: 42030

Rotary candle-lantern kit. The heated air above the candle rises up and drives the glowing ... more>>
Age: 10+  35cm high.