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children's weaving frames & kits

Children's Weaving Frame Chair Cushion Loom

Children's Weaving Frame

product code: 64003

A Myriad best seller. Young children will gain much satisfaction from simple weaving. An ... more>>
Age: 5+    29x19 cm.

Chair Cushion Loom

product code: 64000

Weave seat cushions, place mats, coasters. Pins on all four sides facilitates easy ... more>>
Age: 5+  40x35 cm.

Children's Looms

Larger and more advanced frame for older children. These looms have a simple “shed” eliminating the need to weave in and out of the warp. The shed lifts alternative warp threads up or down, and shuttle passes through. More complicated to set up than the simple weaving frames, but the work will progress faster once you are weaving. Our weaving wool yarn sets are ideal for these looms.

Two sizes available. Measurement for width is given for each frame, but construction of frame allows for long projects to be made if desired.  No yarn or warp included.

Children's Loom

product code: 64002

more>> Age: 7+   35cm x 26cm

Children's Loom Large

product code: 64001

more>> Age: 9+  40 cm width.

Round Weaving Frames

With round frames, the weft is woven in and out, around and around, from the centre.  With the round frames you can make pot holders, coasters, doll’s house rugs and more. Includes darning needle and instructions. The larger frame is more elaborate and suitable for older children. Our weaving yarn sets are ideal for these frame, but it is also possible to use the Thick Single Ply wool with the smaller round frame. Yarn or warp yarn not included.

Round Weaving Frame

product code: 64005

more>> Age: 5+  20cm. 25 holes.

Round Weaving Frame Large

product code: 64007

more>> Age: 7+  26 cm. 75 slots.

Peg Looms

Super easy way to weave! The warp is attached to upright peg ends, and the weft is woven “slalom style” between the pegs. Flexible frame for a variety of lengths and widths (although there is a maximum width with each frame). You can use a variety of weaving materials: thick yarns, remnant fabrics strips, raw fleece, grass and more. You can make seat mats, small rugs, blankets, and even garments. Our Thick Single Ply wool is suitable (as shown). Comes with clamps for fixing to table, and starter instructions to get you going. Yarn not included.  Peg Looms available in two width sizes.

Peg Loom

product code: 64004

Age: 4+ 50 cm.

Peg Loom Large

product code: 64008

Age: 4+ 100 cm.

Thick Single Ply Wool, Plant Dyed, Organic

Beautiful untwisted texture, ideal for finger knitting for little ones and first weaving. Knitting needle 10 required. Comes in pack of 4 colours, Bold (red, yellow, indigo & green) or Muted (pink, lilac, pale olive green & light blue).
25gm of each.
£10.95 each


Weaving/Knitting Wool

Ideal for our Children's Loom or as knitting wool. 2 ply plant dyed organic yarn. Choice of 2 packs containing 4 different colours. Set 1: blue, purple, pink & red. Set 2: orange, yellow, light green & green.
20g of each.
£8.50 each

Warp Yarn

Wool for Chair Cushion Loom

150 gm, of thick plant dyed wool. Perfect for own Chair Cushion Loom. Available in two colours. Made in Germany.

£13.95 each


Warp Yarn

product code: 64009

Warp yarn for use with our range of weaving frames. more>>
Age: 5+  100g.  450 m.
Bead Weaving Kit

Bead Weaving Kit

product code: 65021

Beech wood weaving frame, 2oz of glass beads, yarn, nylon thread, beading needle and ... more>>
Age: 8+